Monday, January 31, 2011

WHUMP! (whump-whump-whump-whump..........wh-ump)

Ok, so some things are only really, really funny after the extreme terror has passed.

I have gone to great lengths to goat-proof the house so that Darla may feel free to roam at will when I am home. Admittedly she's inquisitive, mouths a great many things and runs a heck of a goat race but generally she's not much trouble and spends a great deal of the time ruminating upon the meaning of life (or whatever it is goats ruminate upon) at my feet.

One thing I paid particular attention to was the stairs. A blockade worthy of foiling a rum runner was set up and all was well for a few days. But then, as I told my friend the Admiral when he inquired as to her health: "Well, she's not dying anymore."

Her vibrancy and joy are so heartwarming and her propensity to find the Worst Place to Be is stellar! So, even though I thought I had adequately blocked the stairs, sheer panic struck as I heard from the laundry room: Whump. Whump. Whump-whump-whump-whump....................wh-ump.

I raced to the landing expecting the absolute worst. Sweet Jaysus, how was I going to tell Farmer I broke the goat? And there was Darla, fully upright and doing the Goat Dance of Embarrassment. I swear I heard her say: "Stairs." I rather imagine that right as she stepped off the top step her face had that look that Wyle E. Coyote gets when there is only air beneath his feet.

Well, like the wise blogging goat Millie said: "Kids bounce."
And thank the Universe for that. Not that I ever wanted to test the theory. Thankfully the stairs are carpeted and nothing bad came of it but I have noticed that she gives wide berth to the area. That's good, because it's only funny once.

Darla learns...Darla grows. And she told me to tell you to watch that last's a doozy!

Tomorrow: What to do when there's a Vermont milking stool stuck on your goat's head.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Might Have Lied....

Ummm, so uh, yeah.....I might have lied........though not intentionally.....

After much soul searching and spiritually consulting the Beaver, learning the temperature in the barn was barely 20 this afternoon alone and seeing a lake effects snow storm blow through and talking to Farmer........well, yeah, Darla is going to stay put for the time being.

I know. I know. But she's happy and healthy and on this beautiful, regular schedule and really thriving compared to a week ago and in the grand scheme of things who really knows how goat time is calculated so what's a few more days, really, and who said that 1 day had to be only 24 hours anyway-how are they the boss of time?

So, yeah.....I'm a worrier.

And a wuss.

And I don't care.

Life's a goat who needs you while you can........

And besides, who really wants to go against the Beaver......?


ps. I'm like that really bad friend who borrows your best sweater and won't give it back.....

Goat Magic

And so the Magical Journey continues, today taking a twist and a turn and a leap to a new and exciting and wondrous dream adventure. Off we go......

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Goat Cheesecake
(Maa says this is my groovy outfit!)

Big Brother and Little Sissy


My last day with Darla at home.
Very mixed emotions but choosing to celebrate with play!


For Shawna:

Can you potty train a goat?
Can you sail him in a boat?
Can you dress him in some pants?
Can you do the goatie dance?

(to be continued....)

Your Mimi

Friday, January 28, 2011




(didn't she get the tail absolutely perfect?!)


More treasure has arrived at the Goat Borrower's barn for the Capra Project!

I can't tell you how exciting it is for a package or envelope to appear on my desk!
It changes my whole day!

Booty displayed this day is from:

Seika Gypsy, Ontario Background swirl fabric which, if you look closely, is
from the wee capra goat ornament that my lovely Seika also
sent me!

Pricilla and Patty, MT (from the Maaaa! of Pricilla)
Well, first I have to point out sweet Pricilla's face
on the outside of the package! I'd know that kissable puss
anywhere! Inside I found wondrous, magical beads! The
most beautiful ever! Pricilla said they were for extra
"sparkle!" Then...if you look in the middle there is sweet
Pricilla's face on a goat bead!

Again, my thanks to all who are participating in this project. Everytime a new scrap arrives I picture Darla wearing the most beauteous and magical Capra blanket ever made.....because it was made with love........



"Goats," said Maxwell Hyde, "are a special case. Mad as hatters, all of them."
— Diana Wynne Jones (The Merlin Conspiracy)

Monday, January 24, 2011



Hi all! Thanks for following me on this adventure! :)

I wanted to take a moment to address Pat's question about how will I ever return Miss Darla.

I'm actually anxious for her to return to the barn because living like this is not a great idea since she DOES have to return. If the barn were in my backyard and I could continue this it would be different but she lives on a farm...and all that that entails. I am, after all is said and done, only a goat borrower. And she is a goat.

This nasty weather afforded me an opportunity to learn so, so much and Farmer Lyle, who is a farmer for a living, has been most gracious to indulge a goat borrower like me. He's taken time from his chores to answer a million question and impart 50 plus years of goat wisdom.

Besides, this is only the very beginning for me and Darla!

I'm pretty sure this bonding experience seals the deal in our Maa-goat relationship.
A lucky accident as it were.

I will continue to feed her, care for her, visit her and love her. She'll be visiting pre-schools, nursing homes and events and all with her crazy storytelling Maa in costume. She'll wear the Capra Project blanket proudly and be a fine Yule goat.

And we'll both have a very magical and special relationship and many, many barn adventures to come!

And really, for a townhome dwelling goat lover, who could ask for anything more?

Love you all.......
I am so glad we've met........

ps. If you don't know about the CAPRA AND THE MAGICAL GOAT BLANKET PROJECT you can find it here in this blog. It's going quite nicely and people have been so kind. I'd really like to say you are all a piece of this project if you care to send a scrap of fabric.


This is my outside coat but Maa says I can't go outside. Go figure adults.

My new fishie jammies from my family.

Protecting a goat is a very important job.

Pooter Cat finally makes a statement.

I think all that animals really want is a Peaceable Kingdom.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Life Gets Bigger

That's my butt in my new underpants!

My new IPeed shirt. Maa says I have "serious muffin top"

My new family with Big Brother

My new outfit

Hi Everyone,

It's me again, Darla Rose Caprine.
Today I found out I have even *more* family!
My Big Big Sissy and my nice Heidi (I'm an Aunt, *giggle*)
came to visit and brought me presents! Presents are wicked cool especially when they're pink!
Everyone was very nice but I was exhausted when they left and Maa said I passed out like a drunk in a gutter. Whatever that means.
Maa took some pics of me posing so you can see my new outfit.
I AM a big show off, aren't I?

Stay warm everyone!

Miss Darla Rose Caprine

Dancin' in my jammies!

Woo-hoo! Morning butt wash!

The production of Sound of Music was halted when Darla head butted the lead goat.

Hey-oh, everyone!
We're still here and doing fine. We've fallen into a beautiful routine
and I can't think of a place I'd rather be on this freezing winter day.

Poop report: We have real goat poopies! Rather like Fancy Feast and easily taken care of. A long way from last Sunday when diarrhea and the chills had me believing that she wouldn't make it.

If there's one thing I've learned in life it's: Poop Matters.

We danced in our jammies this morning and had goat races 'round the rug.

Life is good.

love from us all!

ps. The cat remains miffed. ;)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Postcard From Darla

Life is good!

Me in my tent!

That's my BIG brother!

That's me pretending to be a stuffed animal!

Emily Rose hogs all the turns!

Greetings All!

Having a wonderful time! Wish you were here!
This camping out thing is really fun!
I've got my own tent and everything!
And there's a whole bunch of cool stuff at my Undisclosed Location.
And I have a new sister who says she's a Siamese but she's still a bit miffed about my using her tent so she won't come and pose for pictures.
And I have a really nice big brother who let's me head butt him in the rear end.
And I got a new sweater, too!
The diapers aren't too bad. It keeps Maa from freaking out.
I've explored the house and there's plenty of room to dance.
The kitchen floor is slippery though so you gotta watch it or else you'll go flyin' and the cat sister will snicker behind her paw.
I highly recommend this family thing. It's really, really nice.
Thanks everyone for being my friend.

ps. Maa says that if anyone is one Facebook to please friend her because she's puts more pictures there, too. She's under: Mimi Foxmorton

Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Blessing

Darla and I are blogging to you from an undisclosed location. (*giggle*)
The weather here in CNY has threatened to drop to -15 degrees with wind chill and Farmer Lyle said it was time. And if Farmer Lyle is worried then it must be true.

I spent last night preparing and was armed with diapers, puppy pads, new sweaters, a winter coat for traveling, her milk, blankies, a big plastic bin for travel and a pop up tent for snuggly night time safety and Pepto Bismol and a syringe in case The Disaster strikes again.

She was so cute in the car in her little winter coat all snuggled in her box with her blankies. Just watching out the window and being good. It breaks my heart how good she is.

And so we arrived several hours ago. My faithful love hound, Yellow Dog, was incredibly excited...for about three minutes. Then he asked for his Frosty Paw and went back to the couch. Pooter cat had a bit more to say as it was her pop up tent...a tent she's refused to enter for the last seven years...but she's lost interest pretty quickly as well.

Panic struck in the first minutes as I realized the newborn diapers were WAY too small. (*insert many bad words here*) So back in the car we went under many blankets to make a quick trip to the drugstore for bigger diapers.

After getting a clean sweater, a good feeding, peeing and pooping all was going well but I have to tell you...diapers don't stay up very well. (*insert more bad words here*) I wanted to let her roam but an accident could create a situation I'm not prepared to deal with with my own animals. I could use a onesie right about now.

So fed, diapered with the back pinned to her sweater, snuzzled and happy off she went to her tent and was watching American Idol last I checked. No muss-no fuss...just like that!

I admit I'm concerned about returning her to the barn on Tuesday. She's doing so much better, gaining weight and feeding properly but I worry about the change. However, 15 below would have assured us of not having to worry about that so I'll take my chances. Still, I'm keeping the house cool and not creating an overly warm situation for her.

I wanted to post pics tonight but I haven't the wherewithal to take them at the moment. I'm trying to keep the house quiet, and the routine the same for my own guys. But I promise to get some up over the weekend.

So...pretty anti climatic, eh? She's such a wee good thing I can't help but wonder what's going on in her little mind but she's here now and safe and most of all warm so we'll go from there. Also, it's good that she's with me as Farmer wants her to be my goat so I'm guessing this cements the deal. Won't she be a storytelling beauty? And won't she have stories to tell when she gets back to the barn? I'll bet the other goats have no idea who Steven Tyler is! ;)

More to follow. Perhaps we'll just have a quiet, adventure less weekend all snowed in and snuzzly. You just never do know how your day will end.

Again all...thanks so much for caring.

Much love and goat snuzzles from all of us...

(Egads! It just occurred to me...I really AM a goat borrower! ;)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Help, help!" cried the Goat Borrower.....

It's hard to make a fashion statement when you've only go the one sweater.

My new rosebud towel-blankie!

**I've just washed my hair and I can't do a thing with it!

Help! I'm being held hostage by a 3 pound baby goat!
(and loving every minute of it!)

Darla is much better. No chills and no wet poops.
Eating much better and settling into a routine and looking
much less weak than last week.

Pics are hard to grab as I'm alone in the barn now as we've divided up the schedule and now Farmer knows I won't (probably) get myself trampled by goats. ;)

Hoping to catch up and blog this weekend!

I have to say you've all been so kind to me in welcoming me into your herd but
I can't help but feel as though I miss a bit of chat due to the nature of blog design. Should anyone care to they can find me on Facebook under: Mimi Foxmorton
I hate to think I'm missing valuable and fun goat comments! ;)
Or always feel free to email me at

I'm still on the upswing of the goat coat learning curve. Much like my fabulous hats I can make a fantastic hat.....but it won't necessarily fit! lol
But I've purchased some fleece and am giving it a go.

Lucky Nickle- Do please let me know when you post the Diaper Kaper as I'll be at that point soon and I want (need!) to know all about what NOT to do! lol

Millie- I'm hoping I didn't miss a continuation of Millie:The Early Days.....I am so enjoying the story. (Plus it made me feel better to know that things that bleak can be turned around with love.)

Looking forward to the weekend when I'll be free to be with Darla all day!

love you all.......
Don't talk about cool goat stuff without us......
~Mimi & Darla

**Disclaimer: Just joking. We try very hard to keep both ends dry around here. ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Caprine Smile

Do You think my new sweater will leave tan lines?

Well, it is exceptionally freezing in this neck of the woods so it's back under the heat lamp for Miss Darla. She's so frail...I worry. And her eating and poopies have been out of whack for a bit though the day under the heat lamp appears to have rallied her. (She is lovin' that heat lamp!) And I really hate leaving her. Though tonight she ate well and was quite content and smiling her wee goat smile. And no wet poopies.

I don't care what anybody says....when I can have my own goats they're going to sleep in my bed.

'Till tomorrow everyone....

(ps. Just because I feel I have to say this...that's not poopie on's stained from as much as I could get off without a proper wash and getting her wet again. But tonight she was completely dry so I can deal with a little stain until
we're out of the woods.)

WANTED: Own Barn


How lucky is this three day weekend so back I go amongst My People!
This is the last day that I have to spend all day taking care of Darla until the weekend comes again. I'll only be able to do the evenings. I hope she doesn't forget me or feel sad that I'm gone. (or think someone else is her Maa.)

Perils of goat borrowing but still, I feel blessed.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Never Show A Goat A Box of Cereal...and other things I've recently learned....

Peek-a-boo I see my Maa!
I'm too sexy for my sweater.....
I seriously have to start setting these last days down but suffice it to say that I was violently attacked by a Rooster..TWICE....smashed my head on a low beam whilst chasing errant goats in a Charlie Chaplanesque scene sans fast piano music (though it would have made a really cool video!) and found out (the hard way) that if you enter the goat barn with a box of Fall Harvest granola cereal...well, let's just say...goats can jump. High. Very high. And it would appear they have product recognition as well.

But Miss Darla is more important at the moment so I'll be back to tell you of all my Bedlam-worthy adventures!

Thanks so much to all who have posted. You've made me laugh...cry...and feel not so alone in this. I've left a lengthy post on my Darla Diva post to you all.

Be goats!


Maa says I'm a diva in my beautiful new sweater!

I wanted to show you the pretty bow on my new sweater. Isn't it lovely?

This is me in my beautiful new sweater and my cousin New Bill.
We're the exact same age but he doesn't have a sweater! Ha!

A Note from the Goat Borrower:
This past two days has been such a whirlwind of happenings!
I hope to find time to set it all down at some point but for now
just a few pics of my Darlin' Darla! She's breakin' my heart!
Thanks for all your kind comments and good wishes!
It truly is a wonderful time for me!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


My Darlin' Darla

My Sweet Bill laughing at Darla's goat dance!

Today I am very lucky...I smell of goat.

The phone rang early this morning and it was Farmer Lyle telling me to come on right over...the new goats were here! I tossed on my barn clothes and headed out the door.

I've been waiting for these wee ones since my adventure with Sweet Bill the Yule goat back in December. It's been a long wait.

I've known from the start of my goat borrowing that to borrow a goat usually means standing betwixt goat and fence, passing over some apple bread and getting a few much appreciated snuggles in return. It's always rather sad to have to leave the farm never really knowing the joy of true interaction with the herd.

But that all changed today as I spent the day feeding, snuzzling and loving the brand new kid who was ignored by his Ma. Sad, but I understand that these things happen and it's up to the humans to step in and make things right. I was ever so happy to be that human!

Two other kids were born as well but their mothers took charge and they are doing very well. They look so big and strong beside my wee goat. I feel so bad that she isn't accepted by the others and is rather bereft in the big barn. I was adopted from Heidelberg, Germany so I guess this must be how I was before my new family came for me. We make a fine pair then, eh?

At first I just wanted to take her home with me and let her gain strength in a pen in my house but Farmer Lyle said while that sounded like a good idea she would become acclimated to neither the barn climate nor, more importantly, become educated as a goat.

So I spent the day learning to feed and care for not only the wee one but also the others and then got a latches & lights tour of the barn. Farmer Lyle says that if I care for this goat and get her used to me that she will be the goat we use in our storytelling adventures! He has high hopes for this wee one to become our fairytale goat and learn to visit the children and teach them all about the goat world. With luck and love all will go well and she'll also be designated Yule Goat this coming year!

I also got to see my Sweet Bill who followed me everywhere and gave me many, many snuzzles and whispered a few goat secrets in my ear. It was good to see him again. He'll always be special to me.

I'm honored that Farmer Lyle would trust me, a mere goat borrower, with his barn and goats and am overwhelmed with joy at the prospect of taking on the care and feeding of this wee babe. An everyday occurrence for a great many people and a small miracle to be sure but to me a miracle nonetheless.

Farmer Lyle has 50 years of goat raising under his belt....I'm so blessed that he has agreed to teach me.

My wee charges name is Darla....Darlin' Darla...and she is, darling that is!
I love her so already. My heart is bursting at the thought of caring for her.
She's so frail yet, though spunky, and has already done a wee goat dance for me and Bill and she made us laugh and laugh!

You can be sure that I will do my best to keep her safe and healthy and I look forward to sharing the experience with you all. Millie, you were ever so right....goats ARE knocking on my door!

And like my dear wish-friend said to me today: "You never know how your day will end."

I have to run now...time to go back to the barn.......

~Mimi, The True Goat Borrower

Friday, January 14, 2011

More CAPRA PROJECT Treasure!

It's really so exciting to wait for the mail everyday and have someone put that special envelope on my desk! It makes me feel special. Thank you so much, friends.
Some come with stories...some with blessings but all, I believe are sent with caring and love. I've set down below the latest.

*Deb Liverpool, NY
~Victorian Button from Grandmother's button box 1875-1955

*Susan Wolcott, NY
~A piece of the cover from the schooner Sarah B
who I have sailed, taken lessons and reenacted upon!
~A piece of the mains'l from an Alden yawl named High Heels.
She sailed the Great Lakes about 60 years. I have never sailed upon her.
She ended her days about 10 years ago in Fair Haven, NY

* Helen Liverpool, NY
~Embroidered flowers
Colleen Liverpool, NY
~pink watered silk

* Anon St. Paul, MN
~Hand dyed batik
"Discharged with love and a bit of magick"

I am loving this project. It's a really nice to feel connected to another soul on a chilly wintry day.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Huzzah! and what a most excellent day!

I just returned to my desk to find the VERY FIRST ENVELOPE
in the Capra Project! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am!
And it came all the way from IA and....MILLIE and her Mom! :)
I know, right? MILLIE! (for those of you who haven't had the pleasure...Millie is a very lovely and very smart goat! See, she even signed with her hoof print!)

I've been excited from the start of this project a mere 11 days ago
but I don't think that I really understood, or sincerely thought it would work out, until I was actually holding in my hand the scrap of fabric from a person completely unknown to me yet who graciously thought to take the time to partake in a bit of my project dream. I will freely admit to the sting of several tears. ;)

The Capra Project is, indeed, an adventure into the creative world of fiber arts but it's also so much more. Unity...diversity....a celebration and coming together of our different stories as well as different natures. And, ultimately with the finished blanket, a celebration of tradition and rebirth with the dance of Capra.

My sincere thanks to Millie and her most excellent Mom for sending me a special part of your lucky goat world! You really made my day!

And to all of you considering...please feel welcome to join us!

Love and goat snuzzles,

ps. Millie-you little sneaker, you! You SAID a goat was going to knock on my door!

(You can read about the Capra Project by clicking on the wee goat at your right.)

Still waiting for goats...

When I get a goat I'm going to ask him to teach me to dance!

Waiting for Goats

Monday, January 10, 2011


Justin's Rescue Story

Sure Mimi...and one day a goat is just going to knock on your door.......

(I trust I don't have to tell you all how incredibly jealous I am........
but huzzah! for that wee, smart goat and bless his soul! But really, now why couldn't that have happened to me?)

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Goat Borrower's Oath

The Goat Borrower's Oath:

I promise to always have honey apple oat bread in the goat snacks bag
whenever visiting and/or borrowing goats.

ps. And also peanuts! ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A River of Stones with a Goat....

I looked in the mirror today and remembered that I was no longer a blonde.
That I no longer wore fancy dress-up clothes or did my eyes just so or had perfect, raspberry colored nails to tap things with. Now my hair is of faded copper, worn in
You'll Never Get A Man Like That pigtails and I dress in You Really Must Try Harder ragged gypsy skirts. Make-up is something I usually forget and there is often dirt under my fingernails from the failed blueberry patch out back. And, on days when I am very lucky, I smell of goat.
~Mimi Foxmorton (for A River of Stones)

*My post from Day #3 for A River of Stones Writing Project. You can read my other posts and get to the original project at
It's a fascinating writing project I think a great deal of you would have fun participating in.