Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yes, merry, have I, three bags full.........

by:  collaged by Fox

More pirated sheep for Punkin's Patch 'Draw a Sheep' challenge!

Draw a sheep for Punkin's Patch......
you'll be glad you did!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

These Are My Sheep

These are my sheep.

I did not draw these sheep but they are my sheep.
They did not start out to be my sheep.
But they are my sheep now.

I'll short story these sheep for you.

Once upon a time I had a cousin.
His name was George.
He was an artist.

I loved George more than anything in the world.
We were kindred spirits.
Heart and soul.
Together always.

Until two kids smashed his head in with a cement block.

Then we weren't together any more.

Before the smashing, George would draw and I would write.
We were going to be famous.
Famous in that spectacular way you believe you'll be when you are young.
George believed that even more than I.

But George can't be here now so he left me his sheep.

I hadn't thought about these sheep in a great long while.

Until now.

I'll share these sheep with you.

I can do that, for they are my sheep now.


Rabitta was the name of the Princess in our beloved story, Overkill.
The story we'll never get to finish.
George always called me Rabitta.
I called him Sir Puss.
This notation is in a 100 year old copy of a Dickens collection.
Like I said, George always believed we'd be famous.

~from George to me.......
who could have said how prophetic these words would be?

Thank you for reminding me of these sheep.
They have been too long neglected.

Monday, March 12, 2012


See what happens when I leave my laptop at work........?    ;)    ~M.

Henrietta Bunrat (or Hattie Bunratty as she's known to her friends!) is a Bedlamite milliner.
Oh, but she does manage to slip the gates from time to time, especially if there is a Vintage Event to be attended, but for the most part stitches happily in her cell at Bethlam....hat after hat after hat after hat..........

It was during one of her unauthorized outings, whilst wearing a rather ostentatious chapeau, (available adornment being what you might well imagine inside the walls of a lunatic asylum........)  that Hattie caught the attention of the Ladies of Society.

Well, naught would do but that Hattie prepare them all a hat as well!

And so, night and day, remnants of all manner are delivered to the gates and Hattie works her Bedlam Art!

Or, as it has been said by Edith Terwilliger, President of the Ladies of Such Elegant Refined Society
is wont to say:  "My dearest, tout le monde qui est quelqu'un qui a le Bunrat sur leur tĂȘte!" *
And, as Hatty sees it, the 12 and 50 per for private cell fees hasn't hurt, either!

Miss Hattie Bunratty
* "My dearest, EVERYONE who is ANYONE has a Bunrat on their head!"

An Original BUNRAT!

And matching MUFF!

The reverse of the muff boasts a removable reticule.


More Sheep Sharing for Punkin's Patch Sheep Drawing Challenge! 
Please check it out and add a SHEEP of your own!  :)

(Yeah, I know, I'm not actually drawing sheep........but......well...........yeah, I don't really *have* an excuse.......)  ;)

These are my Weekend Sheep!

(found in my old collage notebook)

(everybody loves Pez!)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012



Ok...I Sheep Cheated this day.
But I still had lots of fun!

I didn't draw this sheep.  My camera did.
(Aren't I incorrigible?)  ;)


And please go to PUNKIN'S PATCH and draw a sheep!
You'll be glad you did!


ALSO-For a Pirate's Perspective on SHEEP......take a look at me freebootin' mate's
art work over at BLUE GRYPHON'S BLOG!
He's a high-tech artist with a tankard full o' rum and a' heart o' gold!  :)


Tuesday, March 6, 2012



"If you please, draw me a sheep......"

Perhaps the most beautiful words ever written in the Little Prince.....until The Crazy Sheep Lady from Punkin's Patch said them again!   (I love the Crazy Sheep Lady....she once said I was mostly crazier than she is......!)  ;)

Punkin's Patch is offering an art challenge this month:  Draw Me A Sheep

And so,  I am.  And very excited, too!  It's as though it's the first day of school and all things are possible!

As I've stated before, I engage in what I call BEDLAM ART.  I care not for the principles of design......
I only care to `twirl~twirl~twirl with my crayons!

And we go.............  SHEEP #1

I look forward to this BRILLIANT exercise!
I can't promise you I will a sheep........
but I will do my best to come up with sheepie art posts......
until the final ART SHOW..that is........!
For *that* I'm saving my Secret Sheep.......!

Happy Creating!
And thanks to Punkin's Patch!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hurry! Go to Punkin's Patch!

Hi Everyone!

The Crazy Sheep Lady (who I ADORE!) over at Punkin's Patch is hosting a Draw A Sheep Challenge this month!  I am absolutley wild to get started!  I engage in, what I call, Bedlam Art.  I don't have much (any!) by-the-book talent but I DO have an inner desire to twirl~twirl~twirl my crayons across a blank sheet of paper!  Won't you twirl with me at Punkin's Patch?

Ok....if you know me then you know I am Link Challenged.  So.....I am putting today's post here from Punkin's Patch as well as HER link to the lovely and talented Skoog Farm Journal, who will be helping us draw sheep!  Once you get to Punkin's Patch you can figure the rest out from there. 
It looks to be a WONDERFUL journey!  I HIGHLY recommend BOTH bloggies!   :)   ~Mimi


Most of you probably already know Lori Skoog of The Skoog Farm Journal, but if not, you are in for a treat. I've enjoyed reading her blog for a few years now and thoroughly enjoy watching the weekly art classes she teaches at her farm. I wish I could join in.

Two winters ago I was completely snafued by trying to paint the Wool House window on the 2010 Christmas card. I decided I'd email Lori and see if she'd be willing to give me some advice. I'm not super great at approaching people, so really had to work up my nerve. No worries. She was every bit as nice and helpful in real life as she came across via her blog. I have valued her friendship ever since.

When I told her I was thinking about doing a drawing challenge this month, she immediately jumped on board. I figured we all needed a basic place to start and knew Lori would be that and more. I was right :-).


Note from Fox:  Now go to Pumnkin's Patch and read the Skoog Farm post.  Lovely and with lots of beautiful art work!   :)

~With links, I'm like a monkey driving a car.  I might go up on the curb a couple of times but eventually I'll get you there!  :)   ~Fox

Sunday, March 4, 2012

How To Know You're Loved: Do the Math

Sunday Morning

The amount you are loved is directly proportional
to the amount of space you have on the couch.

Part I:  The Left

Part II:  The Right

I'm in the middle.

Enough said.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Though extremely windy, it was a warm, sunny day at the barn!
We took advantage of the weather to introduce Miss Bertha-bean to the barn yard....and to cow-ture!
She took to it quite well!

My Darla Clementine got jealous and insisted upon wearing the dress since it was HER dress to begin with!

I tried to tell her that it might be a bit...snug.......

"Does this dress make my butt look fat?"

Goats can almost FLY in this windy weather!

Miss Bean took a walk in the barn yard.

She looks so much bigger without the perspective of Farmer's grandsons!

Bertha is a Faerie Cow!  Sometimes she's black......

And sometimes she's brown......

Lizzie didn't want to be left out but all we had was my hat......which didn't fit.......

A sunny day is a funny day!  But now it's time for lunch and a nap!
Darla has a Special Home.....

Goatie Kisses, everyone!  Thanks for playing with us on the Sunny Day!


The perfect blustery, windswept, sunny day to hang
gypsy skirts on the clothes line!

Happy Whuppity Scoorie Day, to you!

Make EVERY simple thing you do today a Work of Art!

Welcome Spring!