Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not Goatie-But I'm claiming bragging rights........

It ain't often that Foxmorton be humbled to her knees.

 Get thee to a bookery and get yerself a copy of the latest PIRATES MAGAZINE #14 and read Cap'n Slappy's 'Profiles in Pirattitude' all about yours truly or, better yet, subscribe
at www.piratesmagazine.com so you won't be missin' anything else!  ;) 
I've attached a wee peek at the first page.  (FOUR in all-color, glossy!)  :)
I admit, I be proud an' humbled both at the same time.
It's good to be a pirate.
Much love t' ye all!

The Whirlwind of Gooseberry Fair!


Ah well, the fair that was Gooseberry has ended.  It was so wonderful and everything was lacy and lovely that I wanted it never to end!

Dala was a princess and did partake of many fripperies and excesses throughout the day-her favorite being the cardamom cookies!

She looked a vision in her new dress and was the belle of the ball!

She was even interviewed by the newspaper with only a slight glitch when she ate the reporter's note pad.

I must confess that I got a wee bit teary when it was time to take her back to the barn as it had been such a pleasure having her so close throughout the day.

As is usually the case, I missed many a photo opportunity but I hope that these posts will hold you over until I can track down some more photos.

My sweet Miss was exhausted by the end of the day but it was all woth while.

Much love to you all for caring.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Let Them Wear Cute Shoes......

I inherited these lovelies from my cousin, Marie.
Oh, that Marie!  She just takes the cake!
And scatterbrained?  That girl would lose her head if it wasn't tied on!

We're off to Gooseberry Fair on the 'morrow!
I'll be back soon with tales to tell!

Hatty Bunratty
aka:  Henrietta Bunrat

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GOOSEBERRY FAIR APPROACHETH (as does the Prevaricating Sociality etc......)




Blouse, vest, pouch, hat/wig & unfinished bustle

Desiring new high necked blouse to finish the effect.

Yellow Dog models Momma's Gooseberry hat

Darla's After-event & Summer Visiting Dress (unfinished)
(oh!  I must procure her some calling cards!)

Gooseberry Fair preparations go into full swing this week!  I am SO looking forward to the day!  Darla makes her Grande Debut

So much left to do but so much fun doing it! 

Next up:  Darla's Vic parasol for her flower decorated pen!

I can't wait!

Wish you all could be there to experience:

Hatty & Edna's 
Prevaricating Sociality
 Vintage Victorian Emporium of Odd Bits,
Eclectics & Treasures. 


 Make the start to be GREEN and help us get our junque in a pile!
 The Town of Clay will be event coordinating our first ever
 GOOSEBERRY FAIR:  The Festival of Junque!
 on May 21, 2011    10am to 3pm
 to be held at the Clay Historic site  4939  Route 31 Clay, NY 13041.
 Seeking:  Vendors, vintage items, antique sales, old fabric, fiber arts, clothing, hats, jewelry, Free Cycle swaps, treasures and what-have-you.
                *Bring your own table or tent, sell from your trunk or blanket, or just come, browse and search for treasure.
               *Outdoor sale space available for $5.  Must be pre-reserved.
 Music, food available or bring a picnic, entertainment and a special treat of an appraiser on site.
  Ed Becker of Colony Shop Antiques & Art
Bring your treasured items for appraisal.  **$1 each item    

Barbershop Quartet from Noon to 1pm            
 Free Parking and Free Admission to event.
  Contact:  Event coordinator, Chrissy Clancy                                       
  (315) 652-3800 ext 137  or cclancy@townofclay.org  
  **The Town of Clay reserves the right to limit number of appraisals.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My heart and soul, Yellow Dog, indulges his feminine side.


A follow up to my recent WILD THINGS blog
(Look, Marigold!  A LINK!)   ;)

I'm in a non-piratey mood this day. An enchanted mood. A Violet mood.
And so I'd like to share this magical Spring recipe that I recently stumbled upon.
I can't wait to try it! (And yes, those of you that know me will say I don't cook....but for this I'm willing to give it a go!) Luckily, I've been cultivating lovely, lovely violets in my garden! Enjoy!

You need: makes 8 small jars)
1 quart purple violet flowers, firmly packed (and pesticide free)
Juice of I lemon
i box fruit pectin
4 cups granulated sugar

Wash and pack violet flowers in a quart jar.
Pour enough boiling water to fill the jar and cover the violets.
Place in the refrigerator overnight.
Drain off two cups liquid.
Discard the violets.
In medium sauce pan combine violet liquid, lemon juice and pectin.
Bring to a boil then add sugar.
Stir and bring to the boiling point.
Boil 1 minute only.
Skim if necessary and pour into 8 small, sterilized jars.
Seal with melted paraffin.
Share & enjoy!

Sounds elegant and delicious!

I also have the desire to locate some Violet Creams,
apparently chocolates with violet cream centers!
And I also like to give lavender fudge a go!
And egg white painted violet petals dipped in lovely lavender sugar.
Which now makes me want some French Press lavender lemonade..........

Look at me getting all domestic....!

I bet pirates would love it!

 recipe found in: 'Taking Tea With Alice' by Dawn Gottlieb
(an excellent read that I highly recommend, by the by)

Victorian spitfire, Miss Violet Louise Moorfields, late of Southwark
(and mad as a Hatter!)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tooting My Own Horn

Just think.....you might be missing something really, really cool over at my
COLLAGE PIRATE blog..............

Just sayin'..........