Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yep! That's me! Classically behind!

Work is insane.
Programs are looming.
Events are in need of coordinating.
I still owe Three Verde Fridays, a Spring Swap and Seika's Yule gift.
And, if I'm not mistaken, my daughter's Cold Stone Creamery trip from November 2009.

The yard cries for attention.
I long to tapestry crochet and play in the dirt, though not at the same time.
The weather refuses to cooperate.
And Darla thrives. A wee hoof forward every hour.
And the barn seems to move farther away each day.

Two Sundays ago we spent the day romping the pastures on a sunny, fairly decent and dry day. She stays at my heels and is a grand walking buddy! She loves to snuggle with me in her pen after her bottle and has a bottom end getting too big for a Maa's lap....but I haven't the heart to tell her.

She chases chickens and kittens and goes nose to nose with any of the big, ol' Jersey Boys but remains terrified of goats. She knows "goats go up" and "goats go down" but her favorite part is up. When faced with a goat, any goat, she flat drops like a WWII soldier under air attack. This confuses Lawrence who, although he is a two year old buck, is still a gentle sweetheart.

I'm missing blogs and my own writing projects, leg shaving and hair coloring.
I'm pretty positive the laundry room is still there but it's been awhile so I really can't be sure.

My dog is a saint. My cat is a constant. And my fur family seems scattered since Darla's return to the farm.

But I have unconditional love.
And friends and family who care what's going on. (You know who you are Amy and Heidi and Deb!)
And Goat Sisters who get it.

So who's to care if I'm a little behind?


Photo of Goat by Picasso

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Stolen Note from Marigold

I stole this note from Marigold the Goat at Goat Philosophy 101
but I don't think she'll mind. You see, she's trying very hard to help her friends the Twomblys get picked for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. If you pop on over to Marigold's blog you can read their story and know just why the Twombly's need and deserve our votes!

You can also read about this lovely family at their Pink Porches blog at www.pinkporches.blogspot.com

They will capture your heart!
(Plus, I personally covet everything she's ever made!)

Thanks Marigold! My humble thanks.
There's an extra peanut in it for you today!

Much love and luck to the Twomblys!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Greetings and Happy Spring!

I just received the most wondrous, magical and lovingly wrapped Spring swap package that anyone could have ever hoped for from Mother Moon's Spring Swap!

What a welcome surprise! Such energy and magic arrives in a treasure
packet such as that!

My benefactress is Audrey from The Magic, Miracle & Joy of an Artist
Take a peek at her blog. She has the delicate hand of a faerie!

It's funny, you know, how busy we all are yet how much difference it makes when you
make a wee effort to reach out. I must admit that I almost didn't do it because I was too busy. Now I'm glad I did. The Universe, She's a funny gal. I had just purchased seeds, two tomatoes, a cucumber and a corn and was bemoaning the fact that I wanted to shop for more and had no time and then comes the mail......and presto......seeds! Just like that!

Much humbled gratitude to Audrey for the special package.
I hope that I am as good a giver when I send my swap, which will go to
Theresa at Faerie Moon Creations. www.faeriemooncreations.blogspot.com

And many thanks to Mother Moon for taking the time....and it must have been a lot of time to sort this out.....to care.

Spring Blessings upon us!
Have a wonderful and creative day!

Friday, March 18, 2011

How To Borrow An Irish Goat

Wee Fionn from Eden Hills Farm

What a wondrous week of sunshine and the promise of Spring!
And no better time to have wee goaties blossoming like crocuses!

As a Goat Borrower, I'm always poking my nose into other people's goats
and was fortunate this week to have Teresa from Eden Hills Farm allow me to actually name one of her fine, wee newborn goats!

I chose the name Fionn MacCumhaill (Finn McCool) as I was in an Irish sort of mood and the first thing that struck me when I saw this precious kid was the size of the lad! And with Fionn being a Giant among Giants....well, there was naught for it but to pin a great legend upon Teresa's goat!

I include a wee story of the real Fionn here this day but I urge you to search about.
His stories are endless...and timeless......much like I hope my new borrowed goatie to be!

with love,
The Goat Borrower

Fionn MacCool, was no ordinary giant. He was the biggest and the strongest giant in all Ireland. His voice could be heard for miles around. He was so strong that he could lift a hundred men in one of his enormous hands. Fionn lived with his wife in the hills of County Antrim. Fionn's wife was called Oonagh.
One day a messenger came to Fionn's castle. He had come all the way from Scotland with news for Fionn. The messenger told Fionn that a Scottish giant called Angus wanted to fight him. Angus wanted to show that he was stronger than any giant in Ireland. Fionn had never seen Angus before, but he knew that he was the biggest giant in Scotland. Fionn was not afraid.

The next day, Fionn began to build a path across the sea to Scotland. This path was called the causeway. It was made of thousands of rocks. Fionn built many miles of the causeway with his great hands. When Angus heard about Fionn's causeway, he decided to build the Scottish end of the causeway himself. For weeks the two giants worked hard at building the causeway.

One morning Fionn was in the forest near his castle. He saw his wife coming towards him. He ran over to her.
She said to him, "I have heard that Angus is the biggest and the strongest giant in all the world. He is twice as big as you and twice as strong!" Fionn was very worried. "I cannot fight a giant that is twice my size!"

As the sun was setting, he heard a knock on the door. It was the messenger. "Angus wants to fight you tomorrow at sunrise," he told Fionn.
"Yes, of course," replied Fionn.

He went into his bedroom when the messenger left. He took the blankets off the bed. Fionn and Oonagh worked through the night. They cut the blankets and made giant baby clothes. Fionn put on the baby clothes and got into the giant cradle.

At sunrise the next morning, Oonagh heard a knock on the door. It was Angus. Angus asked Oonagh was Fionn there. Oonagh told him that he was gone for a walk and that he would be back soon. She invited him in. It was not long before Angus heard a cry. He asked whom it was, pointing to the cradle. Oonagh said, "That's young Fionn, our baby.
Angus thought that if this is the size of their baby, how big could Fionn be. Then he ran out of the castle as fast as he could. He ran across the causeway and did not stop until he reached his country. He was afraid that Fionn might follow him.

Today, if you go to County Antrim, you can still see a small piece of the causeway. It is called the Giant's Causeway, because it was built by Fionn Mac Cool, the most famous giant in the history of Ireland.


Darla's First Day Back at the Barn 3/12/2011

Meg (left) and Paddy Born 3/17/2011 Mom: Shirley

Well, Miss Darla finally got two cousins last evening!
I'm hoping they'll make her transition to goatie life a bit smoother.
Each day she gets a wee bit better but is still quite happy either with me or Farmer or back in her pen. Actually, she kind of reminds me of me. Interested in the action....but don't get too close.

Looking forward to some sunny, dry days when we can escape to the park and romp and play. In the meantime, we content ourselves with dancing in the cow barn.

Dancing in the cow barn: It's good for the soul.

love you all-

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hey-ho Everyone-

We are still hanging in there.
Here are the last of the pics from home leading up to the return last Saturday.

Love you all-

Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Just a reminder that I am still searching for fabric and scraps from the Four Quarters to complete the Capra Yule Blanket.

Many thanks to all who have contributed. Your energy will be greatly felt and honored come our ceremony at Yule.

I note that I have a good number of readers outside the US.
It is my hope that word of the Capra Project will spread and
and surprise packages will arrive from far and away.

Because that's what the Capra Project is all about.

Much love to you all from Mimi and Darla

(and if someone can point out to me why, oh why my link thing will never, ever work.....it would be greatly appreciated.)

"If goats had longer tails they could sweep the stars clean."
~Old Proverb

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Winds of Change

Well....I had this wonderful blog all written in my head......
all about me and my magical goat fly-iiin' through the air on our way to
a new adventure......but truth be told, it didn't happen that way.

It didn't happen that way at all.

So, for now, until I can make myself write the truth of the past few days
I'll leave you all with this:

Anthropomorphism: Attribution of human characteristics to nonhuman beings.

Goat Borrower: One who borrows a goat with full intentions of returning it....but forgetting what it might be like to actually do that.

Anthropomorphic Goat Borrowing:
It will break your heart.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Welcome Spring: Part II

What? I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
Someone is going to pay for this. Maybe not today...and maybe not tomorrow.....but when you least expect it.....

My hat smells funny.

Happy (almost!) Spring!
from the Foxmorton Clan

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Welcome Spring

“There is no house possessing a goat but a blessing abideth therein.”
~Mohammedan saying

Wishing Spring Blessings to all my goatie blogging friends.
Life is busy but you are all in my thoughts.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Get Along Lil' Goatie

Rollin', rollin', rollin'
Goat ber-ries are rollin'
Goat berries they roll...
they hi-ide.....

Scoop 'em out-
Sweep 'em up-
Put'em in a sack-
Turn around-
Look again
And then they're back-

Goat ber-ries they hiiiiii-ide!

With love to Verde Farms from Darla & Maaa

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What d'ya got in that onesie?

Is this a potato?
Is this a pear?
Is this my goat
in underwear?


Time to post some new pics of CAPRA and the MAGICAL GOAT BLANKET PROJECT treasures!

I still get *so* excited when a package comes in the mail!
I'm especially excited that sail and pirate friends have thought to contribute.

While the Capra Project is indeed, ultimately, about the celebration of life through goats it needn't be necessarily related to goats in any way. The idea is to have a finished blanket that contains the energy of the Universe.

Hoping that the project grows and packages arrive from the Four Quarters.
You really can feel the love as an almost tangible thing when each package is opened.

I humbly thank you for caring.

Linda Kamuela, Hawaii
Fabric from a south seas sail on the sloop "Topaz"
(I like to think Patricia might have used it once in an escapade! ;)
The "Dear Violet" that you see is how Linda, author of Starcrossed, a wonderful historical/pirate novel, knows me.
You can read my stories of Violet and her legend and her adventures in my PIRATE GIRL blog! As you know, I stink at links.)

Fran Liverpool, NY Green
(Who hand delivered her treasure even though it was a long walk to my desk and her hip hurt that day. It meant all that much more.)

Autumn Liverpool, NY
Purple tie dyed fabric
(Autumn promises me she's my biggest fan! I promise Autumn that the fabric is perfect! AUtumn doesn't know how much I appreciate her support.) ;)

*Georgia Auburn, NY
Black fabric, tulle, baubles, ribbon & bat.
(*I have to say that this package came Anon....and if I hadn't been able to guess
from the fabric that is was my lovely friend Georgia I would have been able to guess from the smell of her perfume! Opening the envelope was like Georgia wrapping her arms around me and giving me a great big Georgia hug!) :)