Saturday, March 21, 2015

Darla's Number 4! It's (finally!) a Girl!

It's no secret.  I am a bad blogger.
I didn't used to be and I don't know what happened....but there you have it.
I'm a bad blogger, indeed.

For those of you who have followed in the past I really do miss you all.

Here's the most recent addition to my Darla's family.....
A wee baby girl, Sweet Alice Moon, born March 5, 2015

All is well.

Good thoughts to you my blogger friends....and may you have a beautiful Spring!
xoxoxox   ~Mimi, The (still) Goat Borrower but Very Bad Blogger

In Other News:
(L-R) Finnian, Seamus and Fergus, Darla's three boys, are fit as fiddles!
They make me smile everyday!