Sunday, July 31, 2011


Miss Darla can't get to Maa fast enough

Hmm.  That window is very high up.
Hello out there!
It's Meggie Super Goat!  (Who thinks she can fly!  Bad goat!)
"What's all the racket?"  moos Red, Lizzie's Mom.

Ahhh, catching up!

The Summer Dust has certainly settled upon my blog.  Not necessarily a bad thing.
Though I have to say, since Darla and the Borrowed Farm I can't remember a time when I've been so busy.

Miss Lizzie, my new Miracle Calf (miracle as in Mom is red and so is the bull-I rather like to think the faeries painted her before I found her as I'd been asking for a black and white for weeks and Farmer said:  Fat Chance.  Last Laugh, eh?) is two-plus weeks now and coming along nicely.

Being bottle fed and bonding with her Mom several times a day is turning her into a most social creature.
Alas, no onesies or diapers for Lizzie.  She's to be Naked Cow for sure.  But methinks perhaps a hat or two wouldn't hurt.  ;)

The last few days we have been turning her out and she's quite good about returning to her name.
She walks quite well on a lead and I'm looking forward to this weekend when she has her first job at our Community Festival!  Darla, Lizzie and Meggie (Meggie's first time out as well!) are to participate in our Interactive Farm Animal & Antique Exhibit.  We have Farm Education and a Paint What You See table in hopes of encouraging those that visit to take an up close and personal look at sustainable ag.

Also attending will be my very best animal sisters, Diana from Max Man Reptile Rescue and Kris from Kritter Kris' Wildlife Rescue.  Kris lives with Vinnie the Turkey Vulture who we are sure is my One True Love under an evil spell only to be broken in 100 years.  Vinnie's a trip to work with and will, at the Autum event we all work together, pick Tarot cards from my deck to tell your fortune. It's said that to have your card chosen by a Turkey Vulture is pure magic!

And Diane is wonderful as well!  Though I'll occasionally hold a lizard I draw the like at the Tarantula........
(sorry, luv!)  ;)

Darla thrives!  Oh, how she thrives.  She's turned into a wee human....spoiled but social as a butterfly!
I love her so much I sometimes can't stand it.  My only regret is that I can't have her home.  :(
She loves to ride in the car and is always the first one to greet new people.   She adores being groomed and flirts like mad when she puts on a new dress!

So....that appears to be that.  Summer wanes on this Lughnasada e'en, too hot this year perhaps but the sun and harvest are welcome.

Much love to all my wonderful Goat Sisters who keep me afloat in this crazy barn adventure I've embarked upon.  Would that one day we will all meet.

Fair Winds,
Lizzie gets a hay bath from her Mom

Vinnie, my enchanted Gypsy Prince
(Note the magical orb that follows him.  Coincidence?  I think not.)
Violca Mirola and Vinnie

Violca with lee-zard (and lovely goat hat!)

The Three Autumn Besties Together Again!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Her body is not so white as
anemone petals nor so smooth--nor
so remote a thing. It is a field
of the wild carrot taking
the field by force; the grass
does not raise above it.
Here is no question of whiteness,
white as can be, with a purple mole
at the center of each flower
Each flower is a hand's span
of her whiteness. Wherever
his hand has lain there is
a tiny purple blossom under his touch
to which the fibres of her being
stem one by one, each to its end,
until the whole field is a
white desire, empty, a single stem,
a cluster, flower by flower,
a pious wish to whiteness gone over--
or nothing.
~William Carlos Williams

Monday, July 18, 2011

Introducing.....Miss Elizabeth Rose Bovinia

Well, go figure.  This wee, sweet black and white girl just dropped out of Red, the red cow.
And the bull (ooo...he is a mean, scary guy) the bull is red and white as well.


Thing is, I told Farmer I wanted a black and white cow.

I like when he just shakes his head back and forthe real slow.

I have a theory though.  In my quest for my own borrowed cow I did ask for a Faerie Favor.
So I'm thinking that the Faeries came in the wee hours and painted the new bairn black and white.
And as long as I keep leaving cookies under Old Lugh then she'll stay that way.

And I haven't got a better explanation.

I've named her Miss Elizabeth Rose Bovinia but we call her Lizzie.
She was born of Friday morning and is the cutest thing ever.  (except for Darla!)
She knows my voice and moos as loud as a grown cow.
I have a feeling I'd better get to the fabric store.  This one is going to be a real challenge.  ;)

And Miss Darla?  Well, I'm pretty sure I heard her say:  Hands off my horn bows....and my Maa-maa.

I remain,
Mimi Foxmorton:  Cow Borrower.......(?)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So, since I've started this whole Goatie Thing, as my Non-Goatie friends call it, I have met the most amazing, like-minded people.  A whole Sisterhood of Goaties out there always so happy to stop what they're doing and support your latest post, answer a troubling goatie-health question or just check in and say:  "Hey!  What you're doing is pretty cool!" 

And they "Get" you.  People who are, perhaps, several states, or possibly countries, away "Get" you.  And that's a good feeling.

This new life of mine, this new goatie, farm girl, back to the earth life suits me.  As do the sisters who follow my path, always willing to lend a hand, even if only verbally.

Last evening I had the extreme pleasure of meeting up with my very first Goat Sister, Sandy, as she was in the area doing research on her new life project!  We hit it off immediately and it was as if I were catching up with an old friend not meeting a new one.  We had a lovely dinner and shared the bits and pieces, both good and bad, of our lives.  And yeah, she "Gets" me.

And as if getting to meet weren't enough, Sandy came bearing gifts!  And SUCH gifts!
Enough vintage fabric to last through a 1000 Capra Projects!  And lace!  The old and fragile kind!  The kind that makes me want to sew forever!  And I can't wait to get started!

Since Sandy is in town for the week we have plans to meet at the lake on Thursday so I can bring Darla to meet her.  I have a feeling we're going to have a fun time!  And yes, we'll post pics!  :)

So, this is me sending a wee thanks to the Universe for reminding me that there is a Sisterhood and it is good.  And hugs to all my Goat & Gypsy Sisters who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting....yet!
(You know who you are!)  :)

And remember, never underestimate the power of being got!

For more information on the CAPRA PROJECT, or to send a bit of fabric to be included in the blanket

Me & Sandy

My lovely gift of fabric

My first project:  A gypsy hat for my Autum storytelling

Piece I have chose to use for the CAPRA PROJECT

And, as if all that weren't enough.....a precious vintage belt buckle for my pirate baldric.......The Goat.
Yeah, I'd say I'm pretty Blessed.  The gifting is just a bonus.  ;)

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Though, since I'm so busy with long, light days and summer, I would rely on posting pics by way of keeping my spoon in the pot.  Right now, on my humble patch of land, I'm tending the Wee Gardens with my focus on new blueberries (the old ones still stand green....but nary a blossom in two years) and my first time-much adored asparagus patch.  (I'm pretty sure these ferny things are a good thing.  The package read:  3 year so I'm hoping for tender stalks next Spring.)  The Cherokee Purple tomatoes are lush and appear happy on the deck.  (The Woodchuck Turf War, however, is another matter entirely!)



The Cherokee Purples celebrate the 4th!

The Veiled Blueberries have since gone into the ground....though still veiled.  

Wee Wilff and the Magical Bells protect the Asparagus Patch

Next up for consideration and filed under:  In My Spare Time
  The Alice Garden
~In which I will endeavor to rustically recreate the Mad Hatter Tea Party.....
I already have the Flamingos.  ;)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Maa-Maa's Little Firecracker

A quick apology for the summer dust gathering on my blog as well as my slothful and neglectful ways in keeping in touch with you all.  I guess there's something to be said for those long winter evenings but right now I'm glad there's the summer light.  Love you all.  ~Mimi