Saturday, March 16, 2013

Go ahead.....ya know ya wanna..........

That's What Little Girls Are Made of....

Miss Annabelle Flopsygoat of the Romanian Flopsygoats
Born:  March 8, 2013

The Capra Blanket II

Though not as elaborate and extensive as the very first and famous Magical Capra Blanket, Capra II is finally finished.  Intended for Wee Baby Alice, who chose not to be born this year, the Capra II will grace my newly adopted baby Annabelle Flopsygoat of the Romanian Flopsygoats.

Half gypsy and half silent film star, sweet Annabelle has become *mine* by default.
She just happened to be that new kid with the wonky legs who didn't mind snuzzling while I waited (and waited!) for Darla's kids to be born.

Now, four strong legs and one week later she's mountain climbing my head and runs to my voice when I get to the barn.  So, yeah.....I'm thinking we are going to have a very good relationship!

Dancing Capra is a Romanian tradition of rebirth and celebration.
Blankets are worn by the children, bearing goat head clackers, as they dance in honor of all that is caprine.

The Capra II has some interesting fabrics.
The rosebud background is 70's vintage Waverly gifted to me by my dear friend Sue Matthews.
The bottom lace and crocheted center are some vintage pieces gifeted by my dear goat sister Claire Moxon.
The crochet edging is from a doily crocheted by my grandmother.
(My Mum is 101 years, that a little math to do.)   ;)
I believe that blankets containing pieces of the past and love and Blessings from friends are the most magical of all things.


Tradition dictates that my heart and soul, my dear Yellow Dog, model each and every piece I produce.  Now that's a faithful dog.  ;)

It will be some time before the Capra II graces Annabelle.
Her first event is scheduled for Gooseberry Fair on April 27.
In the meantime, tell me she doesn't look like silent film star Lillian Gish!

The Faces at the Other End of the Butts

So, things are going well in the goat barn.
Nine babies total with two bucks belonging to Miss Darla.
She's doing very, very well stalled but has been having some *focus* issues when let out into the general goat population.  Keeping her stalled for a few more days until she *remembers* that she has kids......  ;)

The babies, Wee Fergus and Finnian, are really doing well!
Hefty and shiny, they whirl and twirl on their outtings into the Big Barn.
SO darned cute!

Finnian has the looks of a Boer, while Wee Fergus takes after his Daa-Handsome Kevin the Dairy goat.
(I know.....but Farmer said I could breed JUST Darla with Kevin.  He seems to be handling the tainting of his Boer line with quiet grace.  He even let the facepaint lady at our ST. Patrick's Day party paint goat horns his forehead.  So, yeah, kudos to Farmer for not kicking me out of the barn.)  ;)

And the ears!  Oh gods, the ears on Wee Fergus!
At first I thought it was the tip of his head but......nope!
Those ears are a flyin'!   Weeeeeeeeee!

Here's some faces at the other end of the butt pics I posted in the pervious blog.  :)

Wee Fergus and his Ears!

Wee Fergus the Flying Pig-goat!
He's got the dairy goat *toupee* already!

Finnian, my handsome man!

Miss Annabelle Flopsygoat of the Romanian Flopsygoats!
She came to me by default.  One of the Shirleys triplets.
She's to be my new event goat in the absence of Wee Baby Alice.

My Darlin' Darla Clementine.
She'll always be my most special love.
She did a good job and I'm so proud of her!

My boys! 

The new family!

Farmer Goat!
(he's SUCH a good sport!)

After the party.
Fergus and Finnian want their faces painted too!

My Annabelle Flopsygoat of the Romanian Flopsygoats.
(Yes, that's her name!)   lol


And life is good at the barn..........
I am Blessed to be a Goat Borrower........

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The Day Wee Baby Alice Didn't Come:  Part II
Event Goat in Training

Well, never let it be said that I don't take Goatie Opportunity when it comes a'maaain'!

Several days before the Great Darla Wait, one of our Shirleys (we have 2...they look alike....hence The Shirleys)  gave birth to triplets.  The Shirleys are the PERFECT mothers.  You don't mess with the Shirleys.
But, triplets (three GIRLS, by the way!) are a lot and one had the wonky legs you see in the last goat shoved to the back of a very small space.  We knew she's be fine, but over the course of the Great Wait I found myself paying way more attention to one of Shirleys babies than I might have.

And so, I found myself with a wonky legged baby curled in my scarf.
A lot.

And though she has bonded fine with her Maa, ate more than the others and now only has one sort-of wonky leg, she came to know my voice and looked to climb in my lap when ever I was there.

I didn't pay much attention....after all, Wee Baby Alice, new princess of the goat barn, was on her way.

But.....(see previous blog) we all know how that worked out.

And so, by magical default, Flopsy has become my new princess!
(Though, for the record, if I had known she'd be my new event goat I might have had more of a care before naming her.....)   ;)

She's a huge bruiser, with a face that reminds me of a silent film star or possibly a refined clown.
And I love her already.

I sure do learn a lot in the goat barn.

The Day Wee Baby Alice Didn't Come

Well, the day has finally arrived, although for the last few I was convinced it never would.
For days now the arrival of the much anticipated Wee Baby Alice has been imminent.

Miss Darla, preggers for her very first time, gave birth-effortlessly it seemed-to two beautiful, perfect, healthy........bucks.

Yes.  Two.

That's what I said.

The birth was text book.  They both took the hoof-first goatie dive out the back door like they were flying Superhero goats on a mission.  When those wee noses poked out I about died.

Up and nursing within mere seconds it seemed, Darla took over being a maamaa like she was never the spoiled, selfish goat that I raised with love.

But still.

When I saw those wee noogies the *second* time I will admit my heart was broken.

Because let's face it, it's not a matter of loving and accepting what you get.  If you are a goat person you know the implications.  If your aren't a goat person, suffice it to say that bucks can't ride in the car.  Ev-er.  Well, not if you have plans to keep your friends anyway.

Farmer was great about it.   Or rather, said that we could wether one.
And I'm not thinking about which one right now.

And remember, I am the Goat Borrower.....and Farmer has a farm to run which I've already filled up with Kevin and Dave, so I am now on the Save the Dave campaign as well which makes it tough to ask for more favors in that area.  I'm not sure that Farmer got what he bargained for when he got me.....a crazy lady cluttering up his farm with goats in dresses......cows demanding clementines and wearing designer hats....and a world that, after a lifetime of farming, revolves around the possibility of finding me in the barnyard chained to two smelly homeless bucks.

But like I said, he was great about it.

And time will tell.  I can't think about it quite yet.
I may have to be mature.

But right now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to find matching sailor suits for my new boys!  ;)


But the one thing I know for certain....Darla Rose will ALWAYS be my Little Girl.........