Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Faces at the Other End of the Butts

So, things are going well in the goat barn.
Nine babies total with two bucks belonging to Miss Darla.
She's doing very, very well stalled but has been having some *focus* issues when let out into the general goat population.  Keeping her stalled for a few more days until she *remembers* that she has kids......  ;)

The babies, Wee Fergus and Finnian, are really doing well!
Hefty and shiny, they whirl and twirl on their outtings into the Big Barn.
SO darned cute!

Finnian has the looks of a Boer, while Wee Fergus takes after his Daa-Handsome Kevin the Dairy goat.
(I know.....but Farmer said I could breed JUST Darla with Kevin.  He seems to be handling the tainting of his Boer line with quiet grace.  He even let the facepaint lady at our ST. Patrick's Day party paint goat horns his forehead.  So, yeah, kudos to Farmer for not kicking me out of the barn.)  ;)

And the ears!  Oh gods, the ears on Wee Fergus!
At first I thought it was the tip of his head but......nope!
Those ears are a flyin'!   Weeeeeeeeee!

Here's some faces at the other end of the butt pics I posted in the pervious blog.  :)

Wee Fergus and his Ears!

Wee Fergus the Flying Pig-goat!
He's got the dairy goat *toupee* already!

Finnian, my handsome man!

Miss Annabelle Flopsygoat of the Romanian Flopsygoats!
She came to me by default.  One of the Shirleys triplets.
She's to be my new event goat in the absence of Wee Baby Alice.

My Darlin' Darla Clementine.
She'll always be my most special love.
She did a good job and I'm so proud of her!

My boys! 

The new family!

Farmer Goat!
(he's SUCH a good sport!)

After the party.
Fergus and Finnian want their faces painted too!

My Annabelle Flopsygoat of the Romanian Flopsygoats.
(Yes, that's her name!)   lol


And life is good at the barn..........
I am Blessed to be a Goat Borrower........


Anonymous said...

I just love seeing all the little ones! I love when they have those flying ears.

Marigold said...

Hey, now, I can attest that flying ears is a really good thing. Comes in quite handy at times AND helps one to think very deep thoughts. (I can't believe I have missed all of this!) Oh, well. Better late than never, right? :)