Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Capra Blanket II

Though not as elaborate and extensive as the very first and famous Magical Capra Blanket, Capra II is finally finished.  Intended for Wee Baby Alice, who chose not to be born this year, the Capra II will grace my newly adopted baby Annabelle Flopsygoat of the Romanian Flopsygoats.

Half gypsy and half silent film star, sweet Annabelle has become *mine* by default.
She just happened to be that new kid with the wonky legs who didn't mind snuzzling while I waited (and waited!) for Darla's kids to be born.

Now, four strong legs and one week later she's mountain climbing my head and runs to my voice when I get to the barn.  So, yeah.....I'm thinking we are going to have a very good relationship!

Dancing Capra is a Romanian tradition of rebirth and celebration.
Blankets are worn by the children, bearing goat head clackers, as they dance in honor of all that is caprine.

The Capra II has some interesting fabrics.
The rosebud background is 70's vintage Waverly gifted to me by my dear friend Sue Matthews.
The bottom lace and crocheted center are some vintage pieces gifeted by my dear goat sister Claire Moxon.
The crochet edging is from a doily crocheted by my grandmother.
(My Mum is 101 years, that a little math to do.)   ;)
I believe that blankets containing pieces of the past and love and Blessings from friends are the most magical of all things.


Tradition dictates that my heart and soul, my dear Yellow Dog, model each and every piece I produce.  Now that's a faithful dog.  ;)

It will be some time before the Capra II graces Annabelle.
Her first event is scheduled for Gooseberry Fair on April 27.
In the meantime, tell me she doesn't look like silent film star Lillian Gish!


Patty Woodland said...

She is a pretty girl

Astri said...

Yay, I finally found your blog, and fun blog at that! Thank you for your comments my blog. Hoping you are having a great weekend.

Millie said...

She is a beauty! That blanket is pretty amazing too!

Marigold said...

What a beautiful blanket! And a beautiful silent film star to model it. Although I think Yellow Dog does quite well too. I hope she likes Peanuts. Really I do.