Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The Day Wee Baby Alice Didn't Come:  Part II
Event Goat in Training

Well, never let it be said that I don't take Goatie Opportunity when it comes a'maaain'!

Several days before the Great Darla Wait, one of our Shirleys (we have 2...they look alike....hence The Shirleys)  gave birth to triplets.  The Shirleys are the PERFECT mothers.  You don't mess with the Shirleys.
But, triplets (three GIRLS, by the way!) are a lot and one had the wonky legs you see in the last goat shoved to the back of a very small space.  We knew she's be fine, but over the course of the Great Wait I found myself paying way more attention to one of Shirleys babies than I might have.

And so, I found myself with a wonky legged baby curled in my scarf.
A lot.

And though she has bonded fine with her Maa, ate more than the others and now only has one sort-of wonky leg, she came to know my voice and looked to climb in my lap when ever I was there.

I didn't pay much attention....after all, Wee Baby Alice, new princess of the goat barn, was on her way.

But.....(see previous blog) we all know how that worked out.

And so, by magical default, Flopsy has become my new princess!
(Though, for the record, if I had known she'd be my new event goat I might have had more of a care before naming her.....)   ;)

She's a huge bruiser, with a face that reminds me of a silent film star or possibly a refined clown.
And I love her already.

I sure do learn a lot in the goat barn.


IsobelleGoLightly said...

Hello Flopsy! She's beautiful!

Millie said...

She is adorable. Remember a Flopsy by any other name would be no cuter!

Melodie said...

I love Flopsy! You know, everything happens for a reason and it often works out better than our own plans!

Spinners End Farm said...


Candy C. said...

She's a cutie pie and I rather like her name! :)

Pam said...

Aww...your perfect for each other....so darn cute! <3

Marigold said...

Some things are just meant to be :)