Thursday, July 7, 2011


Though, since I'm so busy with long, light days and summer, I would rely on posting pics by way of keeping my spoon in the pot.  Right now, on my humble patch of land, I'm tending the Wee Gardens with my focus on new blueberries (the old ones still stand green....but nary a blossom in two years) and my first time-much adored asparagus patch.  (I'm pretty sure these ferny things are a good thing.  The package read:  3 year so I'm hoping for tender stalks next Spring.)  The Cherokee Purple tomatoes are lush and appear happy on the deck.  (The Woodchuck Turf War, however, is another matter entirely!)



The Cherokee Purples celebrate the 4th!

The Veiled Blueberries have since gone into the ground....though still veiled.  

Wee Wilff and the Magical Bells protect the Asparagus Patch

Next up for consideration and filed under:  In My Spare Time
  The Alice Garden
~In which I will endeavor to rustically recreate the Mad Hatter Tea Party.....
I already have the Flamingos.  ;)


Melodie said...

Your plants all look lovely! And that hat is wonderful!

Pricilla said...

That is a delicious looking hat

Anonymous said...

You have to be the world's best grandma! Your garden looks lovely.

Marigold said...

Oh! An Alice garden! The goatmother can't wait! She says to tell you the ferny things on the asparagus are indeed good. It is how it will feed the roots so maybe next year or the year after you will have some luscious spears! Plus, they love alkaline soil, so if you don't have it, add lime!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Well....I AM a hit on grandparents day, eh.....?

Looking forward to asparagus and Alice and a summer full of my green goaty friends! Would that we could all gather togetehr for our own Mad Tea Party.......!