Thursday, November 17, 2011


I can't believe that in a few short weeks (December 5th) the Capra Blanket will be complete!
As I laid out the fabric I was reminded of all the scraps from this year that have led to such wonderful relationships, most importantly, the Sisterhood of the Goat!

And so, I sew........and leave you waiting to see the final results!

Darla is bragging in the barn because SHE gets to be the Yule Princess!

It's going to be a BEAUTIFUL evening!

And, while you wait for December 5th to arrive please take a wee peek at the link below.
It is the most wonderful representation of Dancing Capra that I have even seen.
Enjoy!  xoxo

And.....just so everyone knows.......I'm still (pout) open to those scraps from Heidelberg, Germany and Anywhere in Romania...........just sayin'............     ;)  

And.....if you happen to be just stumbling across the CAPRA PROJECT, please click on the link below the goat to see how it all started!

I'm TOTALLY getting to be the YULE PRINCESS!


Pricilla said...

I can't wait to see Darla in her finery.

Marigold said...

With your skills the blanket will be awesome! I have serious envy of the stuffed goat with the gnome. Did you make it? Carry on and we'll send some serious happy vibes to your fingers to get the job done!

Melodie said...

The video was so cute it didn't matter I couldn't understand them!Darla will be a beautiful Yule princess!Good luck with those last scraps!

denise f said...

Might I humbly request tassels on the horns?

Millie said...

She certainly is a princess!