Sunday, January 1, 2012


Time to play:  WHAT'S IN THE BOX!

Last week, my lovely goatie friend Betty, from Apache Landing Fainters and her darling of darlings, Angel Baby, sent me a MOST mysterious package!  It weighed 16 pounds!  Really!

Let's open it!

FABRIC!  Lots and lots of fabric!
And.....what AB calls a purple 'see through toga'.......
It will look so magical hanging in my gypsy tent!

And what's this....?
FUN THINGS!  Lots and lots of them!
What do YOU see?

And books!  Two coloring books made especially for goatie lovers by AB's Maaa!
And a beautiful, old Victorian Style book.....just the kind of thing I love!
Oh, and I see the Empress Chachina!  She's so beautiful!
AB says:  "Talk to the Hoof."
AB likes to cause "mayhems."

A bag of bees!  Lots and lots of bees!
I'm going to keep them at my desk at work and hand one out to all the people that come to my
counter to make them happy!

But wait!  There's more!
Jewels and jewels and jewels fell out like from a PIRATE CHEST!
(I think AB might be a pirate goat!)
They are for me to use on all my hats and muffs and creations to make them sparkle!
And some were in a vintage evening purse!  You know how I love vintage purses!
Can you believe all those jewels????

And, as I mentioned before, the most precious of all......
AB's "Dead Mouse!"

I started this goatie blog one year ago today and I have met so many, many wonderful friends-AB and her Maa among them!  I look forward to sharing with these Kindred Spirits throughout the coming year. And I promise to always, always honor your cherished possessions.  You humble me with your generosity.
The Sisterhood of the Goat is an awesome thing!

Much love and a Happy New Year!

Ps.  And you're right, Angel Baby.............

And I love you, too! 


Millie said...

I can feel the love all the way to my barnyard in Iowa!

aNgEL bAbY said...

Haggers is gots tears on her face from such a beautiful story Missy MiMi as only you could tell a story to be so fabulous!!
Me LOVES you Mostest!!
Angel Baby

ps: don't tells no bodies but me is a secrets pirate goat ..

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Ooo! Many treasures to enjoy and to share! That was so very nice of your friends! xoxoxoxo

Pricilla said...

How wonderful! Although I have been stung by a bee and I did not like it at all. I did a dance and it was NOT the goat dance of joy. The publicist was laughing and I do not think that was NICE.

Candy C. said...

What a lovely, lovely box of treasures! How fun!!

Alica said...

That would have been a fun box to open! Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog! Alica