Friday, April 15, 2011


For those of you who follow this blog you know I live a pirate lifestyle
(See: PIRATE GIRL but I grew up with my Uncle Whitey in the world of westerns.

Pancho and Cisco, The Lone Ranger, Gun Smoke, every spaghetti western ever made, all the John Waynes and for giggles, The Real McCoy's. On Saturday afternoon there was always a western on tv. I don't remember ever distinguishing between them, unless Tonto came on the scene. (I was hopelessly in love with Tonto!) Just a lot of shooting....a lot of dust....and a lot of excitement. And the horses always ran oddly fast.

Plus, there's something about a buckboard.

My Uncle Whitey lived with us always and taught me everything my young self ever needed to know. How to pick weeds (think whitewashing the fence....)set fire to a roll of caps, drink an inch of warm beer from a waxy Dixie cup, bait a hook and how to shoot a shotgun (Wisely, he never did teach me how to load it)and how to shut up.

My Uncle Whitey was there when no one else was. He shouldered the burden of my endless chatter, though now that I think on it he did make me a "rabbit catcher" (box-string-stick-carrot) and I remember spending a great deal of time dead silent and still while Uncle Whitey sat peacefully under a nearby tree.

Which is why I'm glad the western is coming back. MEEKS CUTOFF, a neo-western about the settlers on the Oregon Trail, is set to open April 22.
I'm excited to see it. It looks as though it has great potential.
Of course, who didn't love TOMBSTONE, but this looks as though it will address the woman's POV. I like that. And Uncle Whitey would like that it was a western.

There ought to be more westerns, I think. Trail blazing and homesteading.
Learning from the land and hoping for the best. And, quite frankly, I could wear one of those bonnets everyday! I know I'd be the lady to marry the bloke who kept coming home with the fool's gold but he'd be cute, and sincere and I'd like that.

I was just thinking that April Fool's Day was Uncle Whitey's FAVORITE day of the year. Oh, how he loved it! He'd have an "April Fool!" ready for you before you got out of bed. Then you'd get pussy willows. A whole, big bunch! He'd go way down back in the swamp and mud and bring them back. And he always said "there ain't none this year" right before he disappeared.

I miss those pussy willows.

I miss those pussy willows more than you can imagine.

But I know how to love a western.



Marigold said...

The goatmother's Uncle Whitey was her 'PoPo'. She misses all his stories and sayings like 'fits like a saddle on a pig', or 'tighter than Dick's hat band - and it broke.' His family came across from Colorado to Oklahoma in a covered wagon. He lived the Western, but he loved the film ones too. By the way, what about 'Zorro' and 'The Rifleman', and 'Cheyenne', and 'Bronco Lane' and, and .... too many! Long live the Western! Huzzah!!!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Everybody needs an "Uncle Whitey"....! :)

Ooo.....I forgot about Cheyenne and The Rifelman! Remember the opening to that one?
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bronco Lane must not have been a CNY thing. lol

Uncle Whitey called me Horses tail.
Which beat what my Uncle Peanut called me and that was 'kraut.' :)

I like that....saddle on a pig........

Thanks for sharing.....

Anonymous said...

What a great tribute to your Uncle Whitey! For me it was watching Maverick on Sunday afternoon with my dad. Loved that.


Nancy Maxwell James said...

wonderful tribute and photos! :)

Rural Revival said...

What a beautiful post. Funny, I just posted a pic of pussy willows.

And thanks for the movie tip!