Thursday, April 7, 2011



Just wow!

What a most excellent Capra Project surprise on this sunny Spring day!

A battered and beat up package arrived in today's post from Demet who lives in Istanbul, Turkey! I was in awe! Six packets of fabric, most hand embroidered or woven, were included within, each bearing a post-it note detailing the history of the piece.

The following is copied from the post-it notes.

From L-R we have:

*Kilim designs from Anatolia

*Odemis Silk used for embroidery. Odemis is a village in Aegean region of Turkey.

*Cloth called: divitin. Usually used by village women.

*This textile is usually used to make sheets in Cypress.

*Cypriot Handwork: It is made by cutting silkworm pods (cocoons) and arranging them like flowers. Usually they are framed and used as wall hangings.

* (bottowm-circles) Cypriot embroidery called "Lefkara" embroidery.

As usual when a package arrives, once my excitement simmers down I become very humbled and, in most cases, a wee bit teary. I somehow can't imagine that people I do not know could take the time to become part of a project such as this. That fabrics that have history and energy and stories and bits of other peoples lives have made their way to me to grace the back of my wee magical goatie. It makes me feel so small and yet so very, very tall.

And so, to Demet in Istanbul I send my heartfelt thanks for adding more magic to a wonderful blanket that grows stronger in love and unity each and every day.

And my special thanks to Gloria who believed in my project and passed it on.

With love to all past, present and future Capra Project friends........

~Mimi & Darla

You may read the initial Capra and the Magical Goat Blanket Project post at

With apologies that I am link challenged but Marigold, who spent ages trying to help me, said it might not be my fault. ;)

At any rate, it is the 1/1/11 post.


Pricilla said...

Oh how lovely. An international blanket!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

That's was so what I was hoping for!
Let's hope this sparks many more at home and far
away places....... :)

Sandy said...

That is soooo awesome! I really do need to get something special off to you.

seika said...

How absolutely freaking awesome!!!! Beautiful fabric and handmade items... very very cool

Marigold said...

Most beautiful! And yes, I mean no, the link-challenged part is not your fault!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a wonderful package! I am always humbled by the generosity of others, as well. I'll have to read up on the blanket project. That is a sweet little goat, by the way. :) Theresa

Millie said...

How wonderful!

Pat - Arkansas said...

What a wonderful surprise package! Those are beautiful fabrics.