Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My heart and soul, Yellow Dog, indulges his feminine side.


A follow up to my recent WILD THINGS blog
(Look, Marigold!  A LINK!)   ;)

I'm in a non-piratey mood this day. An enchanted mood. A Violet mood.
And so I'd like to share this magical Spring recipe that I recently stumbled upon.
I can't wait to try it! (And yes, those of you that know me will say I don't cook....but for this I'm willing to give it a go!) Luckily, I've been cultivating lovely, lovely violets in my garden! Enjoy!

You need: makes 8 small jars)
1 quart purple violet flowers, firmly packed (and pesticide free)
Juice of I lemon
i box fruit pectin
4 cups granulated sugar

Wash and pack violet flowers in a quart jar.
Pour enough boiling water to fill the jar and cover the violets.
Place in the refrigerator overnight.
Drain off two cups liquid.
Discard the violets.
In medium sauce pan combine violet liquid, lemon juice and pectin.
Bring to a boil then add sugar.
Stir and bring to the boiling point.
Boil 1 minute only.
Skim if necessary and pour into 8 small, sterilized jars.
Seal with melted paraffin.
Share & enjoy!

Sounds elegant and delicious!

I also have the desire to locate some Violet Creams,
apparently chocolates with violet cream centers!
And I also like to give lavender fudge a go!
And egg white painted violet petals dipped in lovely lavender sugar.
Which now makes me want some French Press lavender lemonade..........

Look at me getting all domestic....!

I bet pirates would love it!

 recipe found in: 'Taking Tea With Alice' by Dawn Gottlieb
(an excellent read that I highly recommend, by the by)

Victorian spitfire, Miss Violet Louise Moorfields, late of Southwark
(and mad as a Hatter!)


Pricilla said...

aaaah, sounds lovely but parrafin has been deemed an unsafe method for preserving....

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Hence the botulism research on my Facebook. lol

Seriously-I doubt I'd ever get to that point.
I like to dream I can cook things.
If I stopped right before the parrafin I'd just have some violet jelly, right?
No need to can?

Of course, if you don't hear from me for a week or so.............


Anonymous said...

I've seen a couple of those recipes, and I keep thinking I want to try it, but things really have to settle down first. Guess it's not likely to happen this year!


Millie said...

I just want to eat the violets!

Marigold said...

The goatmother has recently planted violets! This is because she wants to make violet syrup. She is having a struggle with the candied violets,though, as she can't get past using raw eggs. However, why could you not make your jelly and just seal it as you do any other jelly by using a hot water bath rather than using the parrafin? Millie is right, of course. We should just eat the violets and take out the middle man. :) Works for me.

Toni aka irishlas said...

Don't tell Yellow Dog, but, I think he looks rather grand in that hat!

Our violets are done blooming, but, what a great recipe. Have to figure out the canning time, however.

Pat - Arkansas said...

"Covered all over from head to toe, covered all over with sweet violets."

My violets are through with blooming, but are growing huge leaves like crazy; must be all the rain we had here.

Tess Kincaid said...

I miss my yellow dog, Ralphy. Gone to doggy heaven.