Sunday, September 9, 2012


Sunday mornings are my favorite time for Borrowing.
I'm usually able to get to the barn early and have some quiet time with everyone before chores.
I love to walk the pasture and be greeted by all my friends.
It's a warm feeling when they hear the car door slam and come a runnin' and a talkin'!
I'd say there's not much more I could ask for, but to be able to walk out of my back door to all this would be the ultimate.  Still, I'm grateful to be allowed to be a Borrower.

My newest Borrow.
Penelope Sweet Pea.
Alas, Penelope lost her Maa suddenly about three days ago and is as adrift as a sail ship on a windless day.
I'm worried about her, but have spent a good amount of time loving her up and tending to her needs.
She needed to be reminded that it's ok to eat.  We've been doing well with yogurt and banana mash in addition to her grain and hay and she is learning to take a bottle at present to get some liquids into her.
It breaks my heart to see her pine away for her Maa.
I promise to take good care of her.

 Such a wee sweet thing Miss Penelope is.
I suspect, if all goes well, she'll be my new event gotaie!
I'm looking forward to it!

What a sweet pea!  

Look at those wee nubbies!   

Ahhh....the love of my life, Miss Darla Rose Caprine! I could not love a goat more!
For those of you who follow Goat Borrower, you know that Darla is the Goat of Goats!
Raised in my townhouse, rides in the car, wears fine, handmade garb and attends events!
She's as loyal as my own Yellow Dog and I don't suppose I'll ever again raise a goat quite the way
 I raised her.  (tractor grease and licorice, aside.......)  ;)

Elvis!  Old Elvis!  Knows more than all of us put together!
Keeper of the Farm!  Makes the Rules!  
Protector of everyone!
Has been known to hang on to a halter or rope until we can catch an escaping critter!

 Miss Elizabeth Rose Bovinia in Lizzie's Orchard!
Lizzie-Belle, my Love Cow!
Comes a'runnin' to me like a big old Labrador when I call her!


Miss Darla, who follows me everywhere!

Elvis always looks like he's up to something.  And he usually is.

Donkey love!

 Miss Penelope Sweet Pea, peekin'!

 I love my Darla goat!

Goatie lovin' on a Sunday morn!

Sweetest lips, ever!

Darla loves her Maamaa!

Barnyard gossip over the fence.
(that's Wooly Bully)


Two Girls, a Boy and a beautiful Sunday morning sky!

 Miss Dolly

My Magical Goats, Kevin and Dave

The Great Goat God Pan....or as we like to call him...Kevin!

There's a human spirit inside this goat....I just know it!

Be sure to stop and smell the goldenrod today.........

Or maybe just chill out......

Love that I get to be a Goat Borrower........

Can't tell you how grateful I am to Farmer for allowing me this magical opportunity.

Have a wonderful Sunday!  Thanks for joining me!


Patty Woodland said...

Poor Sweet Pea. She'll be fine....goats are most adaptable critters

Candy C. said...

Thank you for letting us tag along on your Sunday morning borrowing! I'm so glad little Penelope has you to look after her, poor sweet little thing!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day! I really wish I could have met all these critters when I was in NY. Your little Sweet Pea is very adorable. I'm sure she'll thrive with your loving.

Melodie said...

Sweet Pea couldn't get a better mom,just ask Darla! Looks like you had a wonderful day!