Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Merry Chase

So, this blog actually belongs in my 
but, because I have the Harvest Folklore Festival info up as the top post I didn't want to
put this there and overshadow the event info.
I couldn't wait to post it so here it is.
I'll pop it over to the Morgan Cemetery blog as soon as the event is over.
Today, on my way around town banging in festival signs and trying not to get hit by passing cars
(those lawn signs are no picnic to stick into the inevitable rock by the side of the road!)
I stopped by the cemetery that is to be a part of my folklore storytelling event next week.

If you follow my Morgan blog you know that I am quite taken with this small, old cemetery.
I love visiting and walking in the peace.
I have my favorite residents and like to visit in silence and remind them they are not forgotten.
In all the times I've been there has never been anyone there.

Until today!

Look very carefully.  What do you see?

Yep!  Two of the cutest stripedy kittens ever!

At first I thought they might be feral but realized they weren't when they came to the 
Universal Kitty Call  (kiss-kiss-kiss)
and were healthy, well fed and friendly.
I imagine they belong to an adjoining home.

They clearly had something to tell me.
They started running ahead.....looking back and meowing......repeat.
And so, I followed.

All through the cemetery we went!

Through light places.......

And dark.......

Clearly we were on a quest and they were waiting for me to follow.
One kept tapping me on the leg.

And then we reached our destination......

You can't imagine how I felt........

The simple stone with a single name, NETTIE, was where they stopped.

Nettie is my mother's name.

Now, quite recently, my dear, old cat, Pooter, went gently into that good night.
My Mum, Nettie, is currently 101 years old.
(And fine, according to my daughter who had just visited her and who I called the first
thing after getting into the house.)
And the cats *did* stop at a number of stones.

But still, one can't help but wonder.

The Universe speaks..........

How hard should we listen.....?

I struggled with whether to remove the kittens from the cemetery.
In the end I couldn't see it as the right thing to do.
I hope I made the right choice.


Millie said...

Look at all those leaves to eat. I bet those kitties were trying to tell you to pick them up and take them to Darla.

Melodie said...

What an interesting day! Maybe they were not kittens at all but playful spirits having fun with a visitor...

Mimi Foxmorton said...

I named them Tombstone and Shroud......... ;)

Candy C. said...

I love the names you gave the kitties! We should always listen to the Universe when it speaks to us...


Mimi -- Cemeteries have an aura that makes you stop and think about humanity. Your experience with the kittens was rather mystical. I find a walk in a cemetery an awakening to the universality of life -- great post -- barbara

Patty Woodland said...

Perhaps if you go back and they are still there you might inquire at the house nearby. They mightn't survive a winter outdoors.

Kelle Bond said...

This was a perfectly pleasant read! And I believe you did the right thing, with the kitties, and if not, I bet if you go back, they will be sitting right there, waiting for you. :)

Buttons said...

Oh I love when the universe sends you messages and you have to wonder what they are saying. I love that your Mom is 101 that is incredible and I am sure the universe was telling you hello from your dear kitty and the Nettie was the way it would make sense to you. I am sure the kittens were living some where close and just needed to go an show you the way. Hug B

annell said...

You made me think, you never know where you will find the "beginning." Two little kittens showed you where. Delightful to read!