Thursday, October 25, 2012


Any day I get to spend at the barn with out rushing about is an excellent day.
Today was better than most!
Warm sunshine, crunchy leaves and time.....

It appears we have a new Donk-a-donk!
Hr name is Lady Donkey and she's going to have a baby soon!
I heard them say that some bad boy named The Jack, got her preggers.
How cute is THAT baby going to be?!

Darla likes to have a fresh drink of water held by Maamaa, first thing.

My Lizzie Belle Moo Face!
I love her so much!
She's moos her heart out when she hears my car door close and then comes a'runnin'!

Miss Darla Rose Caprine: Goat Diva 


Wee Miss Penelope
She's been having a hard time getting strong since she lost her Maa, but she's holding her own and
 enjoying the sunshine.

Miss Penelope's model head shot.

Kevin, in buck jail, pining away for Darla.......

Weeeee!  A walk in the yard with my Maamaa!


Leaves!  Millions of leaves!

The Kitt-eh approaches the great horned beast........

I *am* beautiful, aren't I?

Look carefully.  Darla's proud guardian goat angel stands guard over her.
It's what helps me sleep at night.


Hmm.  I'll just grab this one right here....just in case........

Yeah.  Autumn on the Farm is good......

The Goatie Kingdom

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


IsobelleGoLightly said...

Oooo! That looked fun, Missy Mimi! When my lady got home from work all of us were in the barn and she told us to go out and play in the sunshine and what the heck were we doing standing in there for! hee hee.

Madelyn Gerhart and her goats said...

Why is Kevin in goat jail? I thought him and Miss Darla where in love! And they were going to have lovely little babies!

Marigold said...

Dear GoatBorrower,
That Penelope is awfully cute. Aren't you tempted to try your hand at another house goat? :)

Millie said...

And I don't see any mud! You really make my human look bad. She hasn't had me in the yard in ages. I am NOT a fan of donkeys, but I bet that will be a cute baby. Tell Kevin to quit pining. Darla wants no more of him until next year when it's time to get another kid.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Well Madelyn,

Darla seems to have uh...lost interest in Kevin. But Kevin stinks to high heaven and can't come out right now. ;)

Millie- If only Kevin would....... :P

Marigold- I AM! lol
And if Penelope weren't so old already I would. But she has bonded with the herd and I think making her a house goat at this stage would do more harm than good.
She not so young as she looks. Just wee tiny. :)

Candy C. said...

I'm so behind on my reading!
What a lovely day at the farm you had! The donkey is cute, but then again, I think all donkeys are cute! Miss Darla looks like she really enjoyed her walk with Maaa! :)

Kelly said...

Looking forward to seeing baby donkey pics. Darla is adorable in her elmo outfit from your sidebar.

TexWisGirl said...

looks like you have some sweet and happy critters, there. :)