Tuesday, October 25, 2011


What fun!  IN A GOAT'S SHOES sponsors this week's linky:  "Naughty Labs!"
And just by coincidence, my heart and soul is a yellow lab named, what else, Yellow Dog!
I wrote this pre-school story ages ago and now seems like a wondrous time to post it!
Thanks Lucky 13 Goat Ranch for allowing us to share!  :)

By:  Mimi Foxmorton

This year for Thanksgiving Yellow Dog wanted to chase a turkey.  Oh, he didn’t want to catch it or anything, he just wanted to see it run.

So he headed off for Uncle Whitey’s farm where there were plenty of turkeys.

“Play nice, Yellow Dog.” Mom said as she opened the car door.

 Yellow Dog tumbled out and ran like a shot through the fields.

“Wheee!”  I’m coming to chase you, turkey!” barked Yellow Dog and he ran and ran all the way to the barn.

Yellow Dog knew that today was the day he’d get to chase a turkey!

Rounding the corner of Uncle Whitey’s barn Yellow Dog came to a sudden stop.

There it was.  The biggest, roundest, tallest, most feathery turkey he had ever seen!

So big in fact it was even taller than him!

“Here we go!” woofed Yellow Dog.

Bark!  Bark!

And the chase began!
Round and round they went.  Up a hill and under a fence.  Through a bush and around a water barrel. 


 In and out and back and forth and round and round again.

Yellow Dog was getting dizzy.  And tired.

Whew!  Chasing a turkey was hard work.

And soon he began to slow his pace.

“Well, now I’ve chased a turkey.” Yellow Dog thought to himself.  “Not many dogs can say that.”

When all of a sudden that turkey was RIGHT behind HIM!

“Oh no!” yelped Yellow Dog.


And the chase began!

Round and round they went.  Down a hill and over a fence.  Behind a tree and in and then out of the water barrel.  Splash! 

Up and down and round and round.  That turkey was chasing HIM!

Yellow Dog knew that today was the day he would chase a turkey.
What he didn’t know was that today was the day a turkey would be chasing HIM!

All of a sudden Mom whistled from the back door.

“Yellow Dog!  Time for dinner!”

And without a second look back Yellow Dog made straight for the back door, up the stairs, skidded around the corner and right underneath the kitchen table. 

“Look, Yellow Dog,” Mom said holding out the special red bowl Uncle Whitey kept just for him. 

“Happy Thanksgiving!”

Uncle Whitey laughed out loud.

“Chasing a turkey Yellow Dog?  Or is a turkey chasing you?”

Outside, Brown Turkey caught his breath and stared at the back door.

“Well, now I’ve chased a dog.” Brown Turkey gobbled.  “Not many turkeys can say that.”

Red Squirrel scampered up and sat next to Brown Turkey.

“What was that all about?” squeaked Red Squirrel.

Brown Turkey thought for a minute.
This year for Thanksgiving I wanted to chase a dog.  Oh, I didn’t want to catch it or anything.  I just wanted to see it run.”

Inside, Yellow Dog slurped the last of the gravy from the special red bowl Uncle Whitey kept just for him and thought maybe next Thanksgiving he’d just chase his big yellow ball.

copyright 2007
all rights reserved



Marigold said...

Turkeys. Oy. Feather brains all. Great story!

Pricilla said...

My my. I will say, though, that the hat looks good enough to eat.

Teresa said...

What fun! I'd like to see a turkey chasing a dog. That would be funny.

Tayet Silverspoon said...

Very nice story! Thanks for linking!