Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Vulture Borrower?

Vinnie is an attentive enchanted lover!

The Vulture Borrower?  lol

Moons ago at an event I met the most wonderous turkey vulture, Vinne and his lovely lady, Kritter Kris who is a most wondrous and caring wildlife rehabber.

Since I am a gypsy storyteller I usually have a deck of Tarot with me for walk around-fun style readings.
One evening a few years back, for what ever reason, I said to Vinnie:  "Pick a card and tell Violca's fortune."  (Violca being me-Violca Mirola, Sea Gypsy)

Well.......long story short:  He did!

He SO did!

Funniest (and coolest!) thing EVER!

And me, being me, thought to devise the tale that Vinnie was my enchanted lover, put under a spell by an old gypsy I had apparently wronged in the past.  100 years-and Vinnie returns as my lover.

Some wait, eh?  lol

But, in the meantime, my friend Kris graciously plays along with me and we have fun with it whenever we are together.  (I love my friend Kris-she has goats she lets me snuzzle, too!)

Now, while some may say that this is just a gypsy story.......Vinnie and I  (and Kris!) know the truth!

And, on the plus side,  only 97 more years to wait!  :)

In Vinnie's bed chamber-note the (enchanted?) orb following him!
(also note the overlapping orbs inside his body!)

Kritter Kris & Vinnie!

Gypsy Magic!
Pick a card!

I love my job!


Pricilla said...

He does look stunning all in black with just that touch of red

Marigold said...

Oy. Better to have a beard than a red head, I always say. Still I guess he is okay for a bird. So as one of the Romany do you suppose he had jet black hair and wore a red kerchief?

edenhills said...

I thought birds freaked you out. Now I know it's just that you don't want to be unfaithful to Vinnie!