Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Vulture Borrower?

Vinnie is an attentive enchanted lover!

The Vulture Borrower?  lol

Moons ago at an event I met the most wonderous turkey vulture, Vinne and his lovely lady, Kritter Kris who is a most wondrous and caring wildlife rehabber.

Since I am a gypsy storyteller I usually have a deck of Tarot with me for walk around-fun style readings.
One evening a few years back, for what ever reason, I said to Vinnie:  "Pick a card and tell Violca's fortune."  (Violca being me-Violca Mirola, Sea Gypsy)

Well.......long story short:  He did!

He SO did!

Funniest (and coolest!) thing EVER!

And me, being me, thought to devise the tale that Vinnie was my enchanted lover, put under a spell by an old gypsy I had apparently wronged in the past.  100 years-and Vinnie returns as my lover.

Some wait, eh?  lol

But, in the meantime, my friend Kris graciously plays along with me and we have fun with it whenever we are together.  (I love my friend Kris-she has goats she lets me snuzzle, too!)

Now, while some may say that this is just a gypsy story.......Vinnie and I  (and Kris!) know the truth!

And, on the plus side,  only 97 more years to wait!  :)

In Vinnie's bed chamber-note the (enchanted?) orb following him!
(also note the overlapping orbs inside his body!)

Kritter Kris & Vinnie!

Gypsy Magic!
Pick a card!

I love my job!

Friday, October 28, 2011



Goat Borrower.....Cow add to my list:  Pony Borrower!

The pony arrived today!  Hurrah!  And I just feel as though I ought to point out that Santa took his sweet time about getting it here!

So far as I can figure, his name is:  Pony.
He's a wee, thin thing with beautiful, wary eyes.
I think right now he's mostly trying to sort out how he got here and why strange people are being so gentle with him.

He's scruffy, no doubt and needs a good bit of care.  And possibly a couple of sandwiches!  You can tell by his face that he badly wants some affection but is just too shy at the moment to take it.  But, to his credit, he stayed a decent distance from us but didn't bolt to the opposite end of the pasture.  He stayed just outside of reach.  I take that as a good sign and believe that he'll fall easily into his place in a few days.

He does prance, though!  High stepping, head held high, tail hoisted like a pirate flag cracking in the wind!
Such a proud pony!  He's got the highest stepping knees I've ever seen!  He's going to look grand pulling that wee gypsy wagon!

Darla took to him well.  She always does when it comes to other long as they aren't goats.
Her best buddy right now is Lizzie, the cow.   But she went right up to say hi to her new brother and they were nose to nose without a problem.

I hope Pony is happy in his new home.  I intend to make it a happy and magical world for him!

Such a pretty pony.

ps.  I'll break it to him about the gypsy hats when he gets settled.   ;) 
       (Note to self:   Buy more tassles!)

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


What fun!  IN A GOAT'S SHOES sponsors this week's linky:  "Naughty Labs!"
And just by coincidence, my heart and soul is a yellow lab named, what else, Yellow Dog!
I wrote this pre-school story ages ago and now seems like a wondrous time to post it!
Thanks Lucky 13 Goat Ranch for allowing us to share!  :)

By:  Mimi Foxmorton

This year for Thanksgiving Yellow Dog wanted to chase a turkey.  Oh, he didn’t want to catch it or anything, he just wanted to see it run.

So he headed off for Uncle Whitey’s farm where there were plenty of turkeys.

“Play nice, Yellow Dog.” Mom said as she opened the car door.

 Yellow Dog tumbled out and ran like a shot through the fields.

“Wheee!”  I’m coming to chase you, turkey!” barked Yellow Dog and he ran and ran all the way to the barn.

Yellow Dog knew that today was the day he’d get to chase a turkey!

Rounding the corner of Uncle Whitey’s barn Yellow Dog came to a sudden stop.

There it was.  The biggest, roundest, tallest, most feathery turkey he had ever seen!

So big in fact it was even taller than him!

“Here we go!” woofed Yellow Dog.

Bark!  Bark!

And the chase began!
Round and round they went.  Up a hill and under a fence.  Through a bush and around a water barrel. 


 In and out and back and forth and round and round again.

Yellow Dog was getting dizzy.  And tired.

Whew!  Chasing a turkey was hard work.

And soon he began to slow his pace.

“Well, now I’ve chased a turkey.” Yellow Dog thought to himself.  “Not many dogs can say that.”

When all of a sudden that turkey was RIGHT behind HIM!

“Oh no!” yelped Yellow Dog.


And the chase began!

Round and round they went.  Down a hill and over a fence.  Behind a tree and in and then out of the water barrel.  Splash! 

Up and down and round and round.  That turkey was chasing HIM!

Yellow Dog knew that today was the day he would chase a turkey.
What he didn’t know was that today was the day a turkey would be chasing HIM!

All of a sudden Mom whistled from the back door.

“Yellow Dog!  Time for dinner!”

And without a second look back Yellow Dog made straight for the back door, up the stairs, skidded around the corner and right underneath the kitchen table. 

“Look, Yellow Dog,” Mom said holding out the special red bowl Uncle Whitey kept just for him. 

“Happy Thanksgiving!”

Uncle Whitey laughed out loud.

“Chasing a turkey Yellow Dog?  Or is a turkey chasing you?”

Outside, Brown Turkey caught his breath and stared at the back door.

“Well, now I’ve chased a dog.” Brown Turkey gobbled.  “Not many turkeys can say that.”

Red Squirrel scampered up and sat next to Brown Turkey.

“What was that all about?” squeaked Red Squirrel.

Brown Turkey thought for a minute.
This year for Thanksgiving I wanted to chase a dog.  Oh, I didn’t want to catch it or anything.  I just wanted to see it run.”

Inside, Yellow Dog slurped the last of the gravy from the special red bowl Uncle Whitey kept just for him and thought maybe next Thanksgiving he’d just chase his big yellow ball.

copyright 2007
all rights reserved


Friday, October 21, 2011

More and more Capra Magic..........

Bountiful Booty!

You just never know when you'll find a surprise on your desk...................

Gifted by Merlyn of Merry Mischief  Jordan, NY
And a wee story with each one........

My humble thanks for the sharing of your world...........

Monday, October 17, 2011


Hip!  Hip!  HUZZAH!  And, HURRAH!  HURRAH!

More CAPRA MAGIC has appeared on my desk!

The first package to arrive was from Claire in Nova Scotia!
Lovely offerings of fabric, her own oh, so soft! spun wools and (no gypsy worth her salt could be without one...or many.....)  a gypsy tassle!
I so love my Sisterhood of the Goat and gentle Claire in particular. 
Goat Sisters are pure magic!

The next, was my mysterious envelope from St. Croix..........
The Chumbucket Family (of TLAPD fame!) had promised me an offering in
just the perfect size that I would love!  Intrigured, as the Other Half of TLAPD, my beloved Cap'n Slappy, had previously sent his Joe Boxer's.  His....old......Joe Boxers..............!  So, you can imagine how curious I was to get the Chumbucket's package.........

Imagine my surprise when I opened THIS:

 What a riot!  And they we're right....I DO love it!
One signed and one for good luck!
(They are actuall eye glass polishers.  Apparently goats run free-ish in St. Croix so the optician must have been influenced.....!)  ;)

Yep.  I do believe this blanket will hold magic beyond compare.........

My heartfelt thanks to Claire & Richard......and to the Chumbuckets-John and Mad Sally & the Kids.........
and to Slappy, for his underpants, which I did not post.  ;)

I love you all.................   xoxo

Now.......methinks I REALLY ought to get to laying that blanket out, eh?
That is, unless, one of you out there still has a piece to send...............

Believe in Magic!