Monday, March 5, 2012

Hurry! Go to Punkin's Patch!

Hi Everyone!

The Crazy Sheep Lady (who I ADORE!) over at Punkin's Patch is hosting a Draw A Sheep Challenge this month!  I am absolutley wild to get started!  I engage in, what I call, Bedlam Art.  I don't have much (any!) by-the-book talent but I DO have an inner desire to twirl~twirl~twirl my crayons across a blank sheet of paper!  Won't you twirl with me at Punkin's Patch?

Ok....if you know me then you know I am Link Challenged.  So.....I am putting today's post here from Punkin's Patch as well as HER link to the lovely and talented Skoog Farm Journal, who will be helping us draw sheep!  Once you get to Punkin's Patch you can figure the rest out from there. 
It looks to be a WONDERFUL journey!  I HIGHLY recommend BOTH bloggies!   :)   ~Mimi


Most of you probably already know Lori Skoog of The Skoog Farm Journal, but if not, you are in for a treat. I've enjoyed reading her blog for a few years now and thoroughly enjoy watching the weekly art classes she teaches at her farm. I wish I could join in.

Two winters ago I was completely snafued by trying to paint the Wool House window on the 2010 Christmas card. I decided I'd email Lori and see if she'd be willing to give me some advice. I'm not super great at approaching people, so really had to work up my nerve. No worries. She was every bit as nice and helpful in real life as she came across via her blog. I have valued her friendship ever since.

When I told her I was thinking about doing a drawing challenge this month, she immediately jumped on board. I figured we all needed a basic place to start and knew Lori would be that and more. I was right :-).


Note from Fox:  Now go to Pumnkin's Patch and read the Skoog Farm post.  Lovely and with lots of beautiful art work!   :)

~With links, I'm like a monkey driving a car.  I might go up on the curb a couple of times but eventually I'll get you there!  :)   ~Fox


thecrazysheeplady said...

Like a monkey driving a car - I love it!!! Have fun and post some drawings as you go :-D.

Candy C. said...

This sounds like a blast, thanks for sharing! My problem, I cannot draw AT ALL! That's why I bought a camera!! LOL!!

Lori Skoog said...

You sure are helping with this challenge! Thanks.