Tuesday, March 13, 2012

These Are My Sheep

These are my sheep.

I did not draw these sheep but they are my sheep.
They did not start out to be my sheep.
But they are my sheep now.

I'll short story these sheep for you.

Once upon a time I had a cousin.
His name was George.
He was an artist.

I loved George more than anything in the world.
We were kindred spirits.
Heart and soul.
Together always.

Until two kids smashed his head in with a cement block.

Then we weren't together any more.

Before the smashing, George would draw and I would write.
We were going to be famous.
Famous in that spectacular way you believe you'll be when you are young.
George believed that even more than I.

But George can't be here now so he left me his sheep.

I hadn't thought about these sheep in a great long while.

Until now.

I'll share these sheep with you.

I can do that, for they are my sheep now.


Rabitta was the name of the Princess in our beloved story, Overkill.
The story we'll never get to finish.
George always called me Rabitta.
I called him Sir Puss.
This notation is in a 100 year old copy of a Dickens collection.
Like I said, George always believed we'd be famous.

~from George to me.......
who could have said how prophetic these words would be?

Thank you for reminding me of these sheep.
They have been too long neglected.


Pricilla said...

Are you feeling a touch sheepish then?

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Oh my word. This just made me cry. What a horrible thing to happen to George. I'm so sad. I think I'm just too over-emotional these days. Still, I love the sheep. I have drawn a couple in the past few days. I do plan to do a post on it. When I am ready. xox

Teresa said...

It's amazing how things happen to bring memories forward again. I'm sure George is smiling to see these sheep. And Claire isn't over emotional, but I've got a tear or two in my eye as well.

Marigold said...

What fabulous sheep! I don't know which is my favorite, but I do like LeWanda. Poor George. I suppose he met up with some nasty Alpines. I am so glad you have shared George with us. How special to have had such a relationship!

Alice said...

I especially love Winnie, and LaWanda, and Woodrow! George would be so proud of your sketches! Thank you for sharing them with us and the touching motivation behind it all.

Candy C. said...

I'm glad you have George's sheep to remind you of him and thank you for sharing them with us!

fengirl said...

So sad, but a great tribute to your friend George xx

thecrazysheeplady said...

These are great sheep and I'm glad you were able to share them. With us and George.

Lori Skoog said...

Love your drawings.!

Sherbet Sheep said...

Hello, I am very sad to know about George. It seemed that he loved Sheep so I know we would have been best friends. What I do know is that George is now in wonderful rainbow coloured place and is still drawing sheep. Love from Sherbetx

the wild magnolia said...

these words reach all the way to the bottom of pain.
excellent writing.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

You are all so very kind to say so.