Monday, March 12, 2012


See what happens when I leave my laptop at work........?    ;)    ~M.

Henrietta Bunrat (or Hattie Bunratty as she's known to her friends!) is a Bedlamite milliner.
Oh, but she does manage to slip the gates from time to time, especially if there is a Vintage Event to be attended, but for the most part stitches happily in her cell at Bethlam....hat after hat after hat after hat..........

It was during one of her unauthorized outings, whilst wearing a rather ostentatious chapeau, (available adornment being what you might well imagine inside the walls of a lunatic asylum........)  that Hattie caught the attention of the Ladies of Society.

Well, naught would do but that Hattie prepare them all a hat as well!

And so, night and day, remnants of all manner are delivered to the gates and Hattie works her Bedlam Art!

Or, as it has been said by Edith Terwilliger, President of the Ladies of Such Elegant Refined Society
is wont to say:  "My dearest, tout le monde qui est quelqu'un qui a le Bunrat sur leur tête!" *
And, as Hatty sees it, the 12 and 50 per for private cell fees hasn't hurt, either!

Miss Hattie Bunratty
* "My dearest, EVERYONE who is ANYONE has a Bunrat on their head!"

An Original BUNRAT!

And matching MUFF!

The reverse of the muff boasts a removable reticule.


Millie said...

Did you pluck the rooster for those feathers?

Marigold said...

Muffage!!!!!! Where is Yellow Dog's Bunrat?

Candy C. said...

Yep, I could see that hat going Steampunk! ;-)

Melodie said...

I love it! So is there a special occasion these are intended for?

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Delightful, dear Mimi. You are a never ending source of wondrous creativity and style. From one insane asylum inmate to another...keep sewing and carry on!