Monday, July 9, 2012


Huzzah! Hurrah! for Beaverstock I!

Teresa from Eden Hills, Bev from Isobelle the Most Beautiful Goat In The World and myself all met up this weekend for a glorious time of Sisterhood!

What a lovely thing to meet your Goat Sisters for the first time!

Teresa, who will return to Iowa soon, will be posting a zillion pics she took with her *real* camera!
But in the mean time, please pop over to Facebook and search for SISTERHOOD OF THE GOAT!
I've posted some teaser pics there from my *not so real* camera!

You don't need a FB page to view but if you *like* the page (at the top) you can leave a comment.

Such a glorious weekend of Sisterhood!  Truly amazing!

Thanks to Blue Gryphon, our pirate mate and resident buck, for being there in Spirit!

I *will* give you a hint about how well the weekend went...........we met the goat god, Pan!

Oh, yes we did!  :)

Much love to all who follow the Sisterhood!  'Tis truly a heartwarming thing!

Much love,
~Fox, Teresa & Bev


Candy C. said...

How FUN!! :)

Marigold said...

Faces! Faces! GLORIOUS Faces!!!!!!!!!!