Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Tattie Bogle Extravaganza!


I am nothing if not obsessive compulsive.
So, when I choose a theme for my storytelling life I go all out.
History, research, creative energy all go into the making of my themed presentations.

This year I have decided upon the theme:  Scarecrows.
Or, Tattie Bogles as I have come to think of them, always deferring to a Scots take on a
 project when possible.

I never thought much of scarecrows before but now that I have started my research I am AMAZED!
Such rich folklore....folk art...stories.
I must confess that I have cried a few tears reading every story as the scarecrows come to have human characteristics and I began to think of their life and purpose.

My first adventure will be at the community garden that I have co-coordinated in the community-
Project: GREEN
(find us on Facebook at Project: GREEN Clay, NY

I have scheduled a Garden Folk workshop so that each family make have their own, special Folk for their plot.  I can't wait to see a community garden full of Folk standing guard over our plantings and having (I really do believe!) moonlight adventures!

From there I plan to extend the theme for my gypsy storytelling this Autumn both in the community and for a special folklore project in our old, local cemetery:  MORGAN CEMETERY
(find the story on my Morgan Cemetery blog here at blogspot-my apologies for being a
 link-challenged blogger)

I look forward to meeting the Folk Yet To Be and the Tattie Bogle adventure!
I hope you'll join me!

Quite some years ago I became enamored of Corn Dollies and made quite a number of them from garden leavings.  I share them here with you today.  They are quite fragile now....but still greatly loved.  I like to think of them as wee Tattie Bogles.....not yet big enough for the fields........

Have YOU made a wee one from your garden scraps?
Please, won't you share?

Enjoy!  And thank you for your creative time.
*hugs*   ~Fox


Millie said...

Those are wonderful! I could just gobble them up!

Marigold said...

I did make one (or rather the Goatmother did) a long time ago. Sadly she is no longer with us. However, we do still have Mr. Scaredeer in the garden. :) We still love him, though, through the winter he rather looks as though he has been on a long bender. Maybe next year the Goatmother will be up and running and dapper him up again as he is a jaunty fellow. Now then, we need your help in learning to tie gypsy scarves! Truly we need some expertise in that department right now. :)

Patty Woodland said...

The goats eat all the corn leavings here. In one end, out the other and back into the garden. That's the way the farm rolls

Candy C. said...

Oh, Mimi, your Corn Dollies are too cool! I love that you "dressed" them!
Now I will have to look up Tattie Bogles as the Scottish spin on things is always fun! :)

InGothWeTruss said...

Oh Mimi!!! They are delightful! Just beautiful and enchanting! I have made simple ones in the past, the basic, fold kind, but now you have inspired me!!! They will be nothing as glorious as yours tho! Much love!!!