Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Greetings and Happy Spring!

I just received the most wondrous, magical and lovingly wrapped Spring swap package that anyone could have ever hoped for from Mother Moon's Spring Swap!

What a welcome surprise! Such energy and magic arrives in a treasure
packet such as that!

My benefactress is Audrey from The Magic, Miracle & Joy of an Artist
Take a peek at her blog. She has the delicate hand of a faerie!

It's funny, you know, how busy we all are yet how much difference it makes when you
make a wee effort to reach out. I must admit that I almost didn't do it because I was too busy. Now I'm glad I did. The Universe, She's a funny gal. I had just purchased seeds, two tomatoes, a cucumber and a corn and was bemoaning the fact that I wanted to shop for more and had no time and then comes the mail......and presto......seeds! Just like that!

Much humbled gratitude to Audrey for the special package.
I hope that I am as good a giver when I send my swap, which will go to
Theresa at Faerie Moon Creations. www.faeriemooncreations.blogspot.com

And many thanks to Mother Moon for taking the time....and it must have been a lot of time to sort this out.....to care.

Spring Blessings upon us!
Have a wonderful and creative day!


audrey said...

Hi Mimi....
I just read your lovely, kind comment. Thank you. I am happy that you like your package contents. This was my first official swap so I wasn't sure what direction to go in. It was a fun thing to be involved in, thanks to Mother Moon.
Mimi, I must tell you - Fionn is ADORABLE! I could easily take that little fellow home with me. And what a wonderful name you chose for him.
Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope to get to know you better in time.
Happy Spring, Mimi.
♥ audrey

Pricilla said...

What fun for you. You can grow things for Darla to eat. No nightshades though....

Millie said...

How wonderful! It's always nice to get a pleasant surprise in the mail. I think those flowers will taste just yummy!

Marigold said...

Mmmm. Those look REALLY tasty. How long will it take them to get big enough for a goat to snack on?