Friday, March 18, 2011


Darla's First Day Back at the Barn 3/12/2011

Meg (left) and Paddy Born 3/17/2011 Mom: Shirley

Well, Miss Darla finally got two cousins last evening!
I'm hoping they'll make her transition to goatie life a bit smoother.
Each day she gets a wee bit better but is still quite happy either with me or Farmer or back in her pen. Actually, she kind of reminds me of me. Interested in the action....but don't get too close.

Looking forward to some sunny, dry days when we can escape to the park and romp and play. In the meantime, we content ourselves with dancing in the cow barn.

Dancing in the cow barn: It's good for the soul.

love you all-


Millie said...

She has to be happy just to be rid of the diaper! Glad to hear each day is easier for her. I'll bet she will just love to play with her cousins!

Pricilla said...

New little goatlings will be good for her. She will be the boss.