Monday, March 14, 2011

The Winds of Change

Well....I had this wonderful blog all written in my head......
all about me and my magical goat fly-iiin' through the air on our way to
a new adventure......but truth be told, it didn't happen that way.

It didn't happen that way at all.

So, for now, until I can make myself write the truth of the past few days
I'll leave you all with this:

Anthropomorphism: Attribution of human characteristics to nonhuman beings.

Goat Borrower: One who borrows a goat with full intentions of returning it....but forgetting what it might be like to actually do that.

Anthropomorphic Goat Borrowing:
It will break your heart.


Pricilla said...

The publicist well knows the dangers of said anthropomorphism. She has the bruises to show for it.

We goats are, after all, still semi-wild for all of our domestication. Poor Darla needs to be with her own kind and will be better for it.

I and the publicist are very sorry for your broken heart but she will always recognize you. Sarah left the farm to go live somewhere else but when she moved back she knew the publicist right away even after a year of not seeing her.

Millie said...

All kids grow up and need to find their own way in the world. But it still breaks our hearts to see them leave. Blessings for letting Darla into your heart.


Oh,oh! How do you handle this situation? Maybe you can work it out in another way like visitation rights. -- barbara

Gina said...

Hmmm...well,suspense certainly ensures one will tune in again!

Thanks for popping by my blog. It was a good nudge to come see you.

TMC said...

Awww, don't worry. I'm sure your little visiting goat will always remember your kindness. Maybe she'll tell her friends.

Sandy said...

Oh, Mimi, I'm sorry your heart is breaking! I'm sure your little girl is enjoying cavoting with her buddies by now, and you know you'll always be her maaa. I took back one of ours yesterday, and I'm glad I didn't have him longer, because it was so hard not to worry about him even after just a few days. Just saved Darla's life, and will be goat-blessed forever because of it.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

While we goaties all like to have some attention for just us and luxuries that you humans get, we still really appreciate just being a goat, on the farm with other goats.

Little Darla is young and doesn't understand the goat part yet but soon she will be happily sparring with the other little goats and eventually getting along with the big goats too - once she understands goat language.

As Pricilla said, Darla will always remember you. We goats are SMART (most of the time anyway - hee hee).

xxxxx ooooo

Marigold said...

Ah, Mimi. We are sorry you are sad. Remember, however, that we goats are very smart and remember things very well. Your kindness will not be forgotten and Darla will recognize you as mother from now on, no matter how many goats she meets. Besides, very soon she would have been waaay too big for the bed anyway. :)