Friday, February 11, 2011

Everyone Should Have a Pair of Love-Monkey Pants!

And after I pack my basket we're going shopping in my new love-monkey pants!

I'm not moving my toe. Well, I'm not moving my toe either.
You don't have toes. MO-OOOOOOM!

Hey-ho Fellow Goaties!

We have been very remiss in our blogging these days.
I must admit that last weekend I left my laptop at work and went
"old fashioned" all weekend and will probably do it again for this!
There's something to be said for being Mimi: Unplugged.

I have been having such a wonderful time with Darla and my Forever Animals.
My house is so peaceful and calm. (believe it or not!)

Oh, there's the 10 pm ballet lessons through the living room furniture and the midnight tap & jazz class on the bare kitchen floor. And I've witnessed more than several goat races at 3am. But overall the experience has been positive, happy and (mostly) stress free.

My Forever Animals deserve a huge HUZZAH! for opening their home, space, hearts and love to a wayward goat-sister. I'm so proud of them. Their ability to share has been unbelievable. I love them so.

We almost went back to the barn last Saturday in the sunshine but today we have a -6 temp. That's probably my biggest stress factor: this bloody weather.

But, if I've learned anything it's that things, if not poked and manipulated, work out to their best advantage so I guess when the time to go back to the barn is right the Universe will give both Darla and I a nudge. Or a crocus. Or mayhap a tulip. Or something that isn't frozen solid.

It has made me feel so good to see her outgrowing her wee outfits at such an alarming rate. I had thought at one point she would not thrive. We are eating sweet grain now and have had no digestive issues. (ie: poop is perfect!)

And if we just happen to be doing it all in a snazzy pair of love-monkey pants well....hey....look who you're talking to! Personally I think the world would be a better place if everyone had a pair of love-monkey pants. Don't you?

What an experience, eh?

It's been easier with you all along for the Wild Ride! I mean that.

We promise to check in eventually but we saw a new onesie in the window we simply *must* have!

~Mimi & Darla & Yellow Dog & Pooter


Verde Farm said...

Oh I hope you will link this adorable post to Farm Friend Friday at Verde Farm. This is too CUTE!!!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Thanks, luv!

I will try. I have the directions in front of me but I am bad, bad, bad at linking stuff.
(Hence the old fashioned weekends!) ;)

I am loving the new Farm Friday blogs!

Pricilla said...

I am surprised she is not eating her clothes by now....

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Oh Darla, you make my goats sooooo jealous! They all want their own wardrobes! I love your monkey pants. I want some too!

Marigold said...

Okay, I don't want love monkey pants. I want some with Peanuts on them. Oh, well. Ella would probably just eat them anyway.

Pat - Arkansas said...

I'm glad Darla is not in a -6 degree barn! You are wise to wait until you can tiptoe through the tulips!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Face it, Guys.......we all knew this was going to happen when I said I was taking her "just until Tuesday."......... lol

Well, like my great-great goat granny always used to say: Better love monkey pants than frozen to death! ;)


Beverly said...

Loved your post!!!

We raise I am partial to goat people!!

Millie said...

I'm starting to get jealous. My human made me go back out to the barn when I was still very young, and I certainly never got an Love Monkey Pants. Do you think they make them in my size?

IsobelleGoLightly said...

I want some Love Monkey Pants! Of course my legs are a little shorter than my bottom is wide so my lady would have to take up the length a little bit! I'm with Millie! Love Monkey pants for everygoat! hee hee