Thursday, February 3, 2011


The Historic Collection

The precious fishnet

What was inside the fishnet: A wee baby cap.

Ahoy Friends!

Darla and I are doing well but we are negligent bloggers are we not?

But rest assured, we're still going strong it's just that life gets in the way of living (and blogging!) sometimes. So stay tuned for more Darla Tales to come!

I have a Capra box to share this day that arrived the other day and was filled with a most wondrous bounty of treasure! I can only say to read the letter reposted (with permission) below. I will freely admit to being humbled at this grand gift and got a wee tear at the line: Do what you may with it-it is yours now.

The box held such grand history of sailors and life and death and the sea and wee babes, long since taken by the waters, who I feel somehow are now in my care.

I am humbled beyond words. I am honored that such a gift should be mine.
The history, energy, love and life in this package is overwhelming.

For those of you who might wonder, I am a pirate in my Other Life so this package had
particular meaning. You can read all about that if you like at

But whether goats or pirates, I adore a good tale....and this one has touched my heart. I bow to the sender.

My thanks to all of you have given a scrap of your life to the Capra Project.
Surely the combined energy will be felt for a long time to come. I hope to one day return the gesture to you all.

Stay tuned for Hawaiian sails and Gothic lace in the next Capra post.

Have a magical and creative day!


Dear Mimi,

I have coveted this scrap long enough and feel the need to pass it on to a kindred spirit that has a love of the sea and an old tale. It came to me with an assortment of my great grandmother's sewing archives. Tucked away carefully amongst her tools was this tiny bit of fishnet. It was customary for sailors to carry a talisman with something from home for good luck as they ventured out on the seas. I untied a single knot and left it free for you to do the same so you can see the precious bit of home that one of her men or boys tied up inside and carried over the waves close to his heart for many years. She married a man that was a sailor and ship builder like his ancestors for generations and bore him 7 sons. She lived to see them all die on the waters. This is the token so carefully saved by the widow Susan Collins Veltman, 112 Ocean Ave. Bay Shore, NY. She was born the year that Lincoln was inaugurated. Do what you may with it-it is yours now.

Also find enclosed:

Some of her hand tatted lace and crocheted lace. I wouldn't hesitate to soak it in some tepid water with a little whitener and it should clean up fairly well or keep it vintage if you choose.

A hand crocheted collar made by my Mom.

Also some older collars that I thought you or a friend might use as patterns as they are the real deal. My grandmother always dresses in black and changed the white collars and cuffs daily-her ghost is regularly seen in the old family ship yard paint storage room that used to be her kitchen and she is always dressed in this manner.

Happy Sewing
Oswego, NY


Kathleen Gillies said...

Tingles! I was born in Bayshore. My great-grandfather traveled there as an orphan running away from a life of hard labor after being adopted by a farmer in Jamesville, NY and made a wee fortune as a "rum-runner" eventually settling in Patchogue where he built his home and opened a "legitimate" business-- a Bicycle shop. He never lived too far from the Bay keeping within about 5 blocks of the docks. The Great Depression came around and sank most of the family's assets but they hung on to the bicycle shop that my father (born 1938) and his brothers and cousins worked in. We ended most every errand checking the bay to "see if the water is wet."

Gina said...

I LOVE that little knitted hat! The crocheted lace that appears to be hearts also. I'll email you about that one. FUN FUN blog!

Pricilla said...

Oh how special....

Pat - Arkansas said...

What a wonderful gift! I got a few tingles, myself.

Millie said...

What a nice present to get.