Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Goat Poop

Peek-a-boo.....wake up, wake up.........

This having a goat is exhausting

My rumba pants!

Ok. I'll run really, really fast and this time you follow me right down those stairs.......seriously, it'll be fun...


Froggie-went-a-courtin' jammies

SUN-day nap

52 degrees on Friday.
5 degrees on Saturday.
Freezing today.

Darla remains.

You'd think I would have more to report but I don't.
Life with Darla has settled into a pleasant routine and I relish the weekends when I can stay home and snuzzle and laugh at the freezing winds outside.

Saturday's Hoof Extravaganza was a challenge for me. Turns out I'm an excellent head holder/comforter but not ready to snip anything yet.

Mostly I'm just sick of the cold. Oh, how I long for some green.


Pricilla said...

We have more snow. We all refused to leave the barn. We put our collective hooves down.

Millie said...

Darla looks quite content to still be with you. We have those roller coaster temps and snow and melt and snow and we're ready for spring too.

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Darla is a diva, and a gorgeous girl! I think after she has outgrown everything, you should take some pieces of her outfits to use in the Capra blanket. Reminds me I must send something for it. Of course, you may want to keep them all for your next goatling! Because there WILL be a next goatling...I know it.

TMC said...

adorable snuggly goat picture.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Oh my goodness, what a sweetheart -- and those jammies?! Gaaaah! Hey I notice as well that we have the same initials :)