Monday, February 28, 2011


"When the big tree falls the goat will eat the leaves."
~African Proverb

"If the goat had a longer tail he could wipe the stars clean."
~Czech Proverb

"When the onesie gets too small it's time to return to the barn."
~Goat Borrower Proverb


Claire the Shepherdess said...

Ooooh, goodness me she is a weed!! That last pic is hilarious. Definitely too big for the onesie! The outfit in the "chewing the blinds" picture fits nicely though. :)

Pricilla said...

Yes, she will have to return to her own kind....but she will always remember her human maaamaaa

edenhills said...

Just don't be too much of a neurotic weaner. You know your baby is growing up nicely. She'll always love you!

Millie said...

Kind of obvious. I do see she is growing beautiful horns. I could teach her how to play her horns and make beautiful music!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

I love the polka dot onesie! I see little horn nubbins coming in! Kiss kiss!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

I love you all so much! :)

Sandy said...

Awww, your little girl is growing up.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Darla is getting to be a big girl, and still sooooo cute!

I thought of you and Darla when I found this in my recently rediscovered book Ted Malone's Scrapbook:


A goat is about as big as a sheep if the sheep is big enough. A female goat is called a buttress; a little goat is called a goatee. Goats are very useful for eating up things. A goat will eat up more things than any animal that ain't a goat. My father had a goat once. My father is an awful good man. Everything he says is so, even if it ain't so. That is all I know about the goats." ~ UNKNOWN

Mimi Foxmorton said...


THAT, my dear is the best thing ANYONE has ever said about goats!

I so adore needs to be turned into an art project.......!