Saturday, February 25, 2012


Well, it that time of the year!
Time to make Darla a new dress for Gooseberry Fair!
The fair isn't until May but because I'm a hand sewer it behooves me to get a move on
and get started early.
Plus, I'm wicked excited to see what will emerge!
(I never know.......)  :)

I've been pondering HOW to top last year's frock!
Egads! But I put a lot of time into that dress!

Though she *did* look beautiful!

So, this year I'm striving, not for matching exactly, but a connecting theme betwixt mine and Darla's garb.

And I have a plan.

Here's a wee tease:

You'll have to wait to see the rest. will I!   ;)


Marigold said...

Oh! I am so intrigued! I'll have to wait longer than for one of my stories. Oy. I KNOW it is going to be fabulous though. No doubt there.

Melodie said...

I can't wait to see what wonderful dresses you create for the two of you!

Fionn MacCumhaill Osboer said...

I think I might turn into a fainting goat with excitement and anticipation of seeing my beloved in her new dress!

Candy C. said...

I don't know how you could possibly top last year's dress but I'm sure matching gowns will do the trick! :)
That rascal Fionn, you better keep an eye on him Miss Mimi!