Friday, February 17, 2012

Sweet Vio-lets............

Wow........I was looking for something else and found this draft from ages ago.
What a lovely surprise!  lol
I could have sworn that I posted this and people commented on it.
Ah you go then......
(and by the by......Mum made it to 100!)   :)

Inspired by Pat from Arkansas at Rememberances of an Arkansas Stamper

 I became moved to find this song.

I hadn't thought about it in ages.

My Mom, who will be 100 come this June 5th, used to sing it all the time.

Uh...the Doris Day version, that is, not the Naughty Nymphs.  ;)

And, incidentally, her middle name is Viola!


The Dinah Shore version with lovely photos.


The Naughty Nymphs version that is so sweet it makes you long to be at Faire!

photo:   stock Victorian greeting card


Pricilla said...

Happy Birthday to your Mum!

Marigold said...

Oh! But I do remember this post!

Marigold said...

And just so you know. It's all good. No one can ever have too many violets.

Teresa said...

Mom looks so wonderful!

(Just have to ask~do you know word verification is on? Hint...)

Candy C. said...

Loved both versions of the song! The Faire is here in Arizona for the next month, how I wish I could convince my Cowboy to take me, I miss it so!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Well, no over abundance of wild violets is a good thing! :)

Teresa- Thanks for reminding me. The new blogger security is like breaking into Fort Knox! Soooo much easier without it!