Friday, February 24, 2012


So, today I went to my first Farm Show.
I was greatly disappointed to find no live animals.
But I guess farmers don't really NEED to see live animals, much less snuzzle them, do they?  Though if I were a sales person I'd DEFINITELY bring Darla in a new country frock to attract business.  And maybe one of those teacup pigs. 

I was hoping to pet a sheep but that didn't happen.

But...boy, I don't know how anyone can find the money to farm!
Or, at least, farm like this.....
That's me up there.  They let you do stuff like that.
Though, clearly they had no idea who they were letting up there.

They had a fake cow you could learn to hook up, but I passed.  It didn't have an end for snuzzling.

I liked the antique section the best.  Can you imagine pedaling that thing to milk your cows everyday.
Milk Maids must have strong thighs. 

There were some fun contests to enter, too!
I hope it's not a ruse like the time I had that tumor and they said I'd be having sex within three months.
That never happened.
I sent a strongly worded letter to the AMA....but they have yet to answer me.

We had a really good time though, despite the lack of farm animals.
Though we had to duck out quickly after I over-corrected whilst doing donuts
in the parking lot.......

Then we went to a diner and ate yummy-greasy hamburgers and called it a day.
Later, I went to the barn and snuzzled my own goat!

Farming's good.

Miss Darla/background by Betty Shelby


Marigold said...

Clearly the farmers running this show do not realize the value of goats ... or a good snuzzle, for that matter. Harumpfff!

Candy C. said...

Just think how many more people they could attract with some sweet goaties and maybe a wee Heilan Koo! ;-)

Millie said...

Imagine treating animals like livestock instead of people. What's up with those farmers?