Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fox & Baby Jesus

Hey-ho my loverlies!

Having run out of photo space and therefore banished to Photobucket, 
posting pics is a laborious process to say the least.  (Ok, let's call it tedious and time consuming...but nevertheless....)  Any-hoo,  today's blog will be brought to to by my SEA GYPSY I am a lazy, goat loving gypsy and haven't the ambition to reproduce the whole thing.  Enjoy!  ;)

So,  with my new found fascination for religious art, I bought a creche today!
A lovely, beautiful thing from Italy that spoke to be from a table in the thrift store.

It may not seem all that big of a deal, but if you know me you know that religious artifacts and Foxmorton
don't generally occupy the same space.  ;)
Not since the Great Trauma of '61 anyway.

But this year I have opened my eyes...and my mind......
and what lovely things I have seen.  I found that it's ok to see the art.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!
And a Blessed Yule!
love, Mimi


Marigold said...

The Goatmother, having survived the travails of Catholic school, understands your plight. Oy.

Kathy Gillies said...

Dearest Goat Lady-- you can open a Picasa account in which all your photos can go. They post quite easily on blogs and any pic you upload from your computer to your blog will automatically go into a picasa album for your blog and stay, enabling you to delete it from your computer and have more space. Your friend Scar. PS when will you join Google+? pretty please. You can keep your posts to your discrete circles and maintain your secret lives within their boundaries... PSS I get your blogpost links on Google+ as google has blogger as part of their googleverse.

Millie said...

You are such a great Mimi! Sorry to hear about the problems. I just made my human get me space. :-)