Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Well, it appears that I'm on a junque roll.   (kind of like a jell roll, only LOTS better!)

Let's start with an older possession.

This coat was gifted to me by the same lady who gifted me the long cape.  It, also, was her Mom's.
It is THE perfect vintage coat for wearing with jeans.  The coat material is heavy and plain while the fur collar reminds people that you ARE a vintage kind of a girl!

(Let me go on record here by stating that I am COMPLETELY AGAINST the harvesting of fur.  For any reason.  However, since the vintage clothing that often comes my way does, in fact, come with fur trim, which was a trend of the day, I hope that I'm not being a hypocrite by possessing such articles.)

Now.....on to the Finds of the Day!  SCORE!  $3.00 for the crochet skirt and top and $1.00 for the funky hat!  The gods bless vintage everyday wearable!

And finally, in the Garb Department........somebody else's MUFF!
Seriously!  A vintage muff!
Just a-sittin' there in a cart full of junque!  $1.50  (I added the broach.)
And you all know how I LOVE a muff!   The world needs more muffage!  ;)

I was almost out the door when I found the following on the floor behind some picture frames.
It was a lovely, tapestry artist portfolio.  I bought it ($8) for the portfolio alone (and that goes WAY beyond my price limit but it called to me) but inside it contained the following.  The acrylics are signed E. Jones.
I love that there's a ship at sea.  Also, there is a print, copyright 1930 from The Art Publishing Co. Chicago, Ill.  The artist is Richard Haines.  The painting is titled LOW TIDE.    At any rate, it begged to come home with there you have it.



Pricilla said...

If the fur has been dead for that long ain't no bringin' it back....

Marigold said...

Oh, my Gods! Muffage! Muffage! More Muffage! There will be no living with the Goatmother now!!!!!! What. A. Find.

aNgEL bAbY said...

Missy mImI ~ you has the prettiest muffs even if its nots yous ~ love Angel Baby

Candy C. said...

Just $3.00 for the skirt and top...SERIOUSLY?!? That is just way too cool!
How very fitting that you should find a painting of a sailing ship! :)

Teresa said...

You certainly have some good luck with those amazing finds!

denise f said...

Most Wunderbar! If only I could find the darn item I promised you back whe you were designing the capra coat, you'd be in heaven.... I promise I'll look for it tomorrow!

Cathy said...

Lovely broach! It looks like you found some real bargains!