Monday, December 19, 2011


Well, we can't leave Pony out of the festivities!
(though if I did a casting of A BARNYARD CHRISTMAS CAROL, Pony would excel in the role of Scrooge!)  (Hey-that just gave me an idea for a wondrous story!  Well, there goes house cleaning today!)  :)

Clearly, all those years of begging Santa for a Pony paid off.
Pony arrived, via Farmer, and is still learning the ways of being a pony.
Santa has a funny sense of humor.
Farmer has a big heart.

Pony has a ways to go yet.  He's wild as the north wind and will kick you just as soon as look at you.
But he's coming along and is able to be led with minor commands  without going all Heigh-ho, Silver on me. (usually)

He talks quite a bit and answers frequently.   I can only imagine what he's saying.   :)
(*insert your own sarcastic pony comment here*)

He still won't take a snack.  Of any kind.  And his soul still seems all buried in confusion.
He's afraid to be loved.  And a gypsy pony at heart.

Once again (my mantra) I wish he were in my back yard. 

He's such a high stepping prancer!  I picture him, one day, pulling a jaunty gypsy cart for the children.
If he doesn't eat them first.

Funny, animals, eh?  All they need is love.  (and sometimes a crash helmet for their owners!)



Pricilla said...

No, no animal can be left out

Marigold said...

Mr. Farmer must be some kind of guy. We need to see a picture of him, don't you think? Wouldn't he like to be famous and on the internet? :) I think Mr. Pony must be part Alpine. That probably has a lot to do with his temperament. I have to say, though, that for a pony, Mr. Pony is very nice looking. He would look fabulous in a gypsy blanket and red tassels on his bridle.

Millie said...

I don't think I'd like to have a pony in the barnyard. The geese are bad enough.

Candy C. said...

Keep working with him Mimi and hopefully he will come around! :)