Saturday, December 17, 2011


As if poor Farmer doesn't indulge me enough already, he generously agreed to accompany me to
PetSmart last Saturday to have Darla's picture taken with Santa Claws.
(clearly, we need a Santa Maaa's but we can discuss that another time.)

The gods bless Darla's wee heart!
I opened the gate and off she ran to the car and hopped right in.
She does love a car ride!

I never have any problems with her. She just knows the car means she's going someplace special!

She caused the usual stir......
"What is that?"
"Is that a goat?"
"What is she?  A PET goat?"
"Are her horns real?"
And the ever popular:  "I want to get a goat!"

She stood in line and minded her manners and got dressed while everyone Ooh'd and Ahh'd.

Her dress was a Nutcracker.  Found for $3 in the thrift store.
I remade the neck and waist and secured the butt ruffles.
We've long ago stopped actually 'dressing' and go with more of a 'blanket' approach which works quite well.

On with her rose horn bows and we were good to go!

Up she went with Santa and even smiled for the camera!
I was so proud of her.
Then she primly dumped a load of goat berries and got in line for her dog biscuit!
(Her first food was dog food crumbs from Yellow Dog's dish, so she's developed a taste.)

Then we visited with customers.

My favorite moment...and I always have one....
was when a wee nipper of around 8 or so looked at her in absolute awe, his eyes as big as saucers and said:
"This is my first goat!"

We were glad of it.

The big thing with kids seems to be touching her horns.
They are amazed at the warmth and, I suspect, it's probably a bit to them like touching an off limits weapon.
Horns are dangerous!  lol

We checked out and waved good bye and off we went though not until after eating a cigarette butt (much to Maa's dismay and Farmer's laughter!) and dumping a neat load of berries on the front walk!
(we did clean up all the berries....just so you know)  :)

The slow and heavy traffic on Route 31 gave way to many a honk and a wave and
lip readings of:  "There's a goat in that car!"

Darla is never happy to return to the barn, nor am I happy to return her.
But such is the way...for now.  I'm not sure if the Universe will grant me yet another boon, that of my own wee farm., but we shall see.

After some snuzzles and grain and a warm bottle the day was complete.

Take your goaties to visit Santa this Yule'll be glad you did!

So, from Mimi & Darla a very, merry Christmas to all......
and to all a good night.........

And, if you were following the progress of CAPRA and the MAGICAL GOAT BLANKET Project, I'm pleased to say it's complete!  You can scroll down two blogs to have a wee look-see or go to
My sincere thanks to all who participated!


Pricilla said...

Oh that is priceless!
I miss my horns! You know they act as a cooler in the summer as well as being our protection...I don't know why my first owner took mine away.
Merry Christmaaaa

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Darla is so pretty! She's a very fortunate goat to get to go places! My lady says I'd be a barbarian so I don't get to go. Sniff. I think all the people there at the store must have been suitably impressed! A very merry yule and many goatie kisses from ME.

Melodie said...

I just love this! So many good things! Great pictures of Darla and children getting to see her!So many kids never get to see a goat.

Marigold said...

Ah, you are a responsible pet owner and carry a poopie sack no doubt. :) Darla is the best dressed goat in the country and a very good poster child/representative for the goat world. The Goatmother says I may want to go to Petco, but Petco would likely not be ready - ever. Well, you never really know until you try, do you? Merry Christmas and I do hope Santa will bring Darla some nice Peanuts!

denise f said...

Oh, I do love the outfit! And Darla is such a gracious Caprine Ambassador!

Candy C. said...

Sweet Darla! I'm so glad you take her out amongst the common people so that they can see how wonderful and magical goats truly are!

Millie said...

So wonderful! She is such a pretty girl and so lucky to meet Santa Claus.

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Oh she is the lady in red. Indeed, it is a delightful colour on her, and shows her sparkling white fur so well! I did take Lucky Nickel to Pets Unlimited before and she did very well in there. I never took her to see Santa though....there's hope for another year I suppose!