Monday, December 26, 2011


Well, I've less than a week to wish for a tall dark stranger to be a welcome first foot, Hogmanay visitor after midnight, carrying a lump of coal and a slice of black bun?

I mean, what are the odds?

What say ye? 

(Also, do you suppose it would be too much to ask that he have a goat.....?)   ;)

Have a Happy Week Before Hogmanay!



Millie said...

For you, Mimi, I think the Universe might just deliver!

Candy C. said...

Oohhh...a goat and a kilt and the bagpipes would be just perfect!!

Pricilla said...

Positive thinking does have Darla, right?

Marigold said...

Here's the thing. For something called Hogmany, one should expect, well, a Hog. I believe you need to be celebrating Goatmany. Or perhaps TallDarkStrangermany. Yes, I think that would do the trick.

izzy said...

There is nothing in the world cuter than a baby goatz= "poppers" !