Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sweet Vintage Gods of Hogmanay!

Sweet vintage gods of Hogmanay!

Look what landed on my front steps this afternoon!

My very special friend and goat sister, Teresa from Eden Hills (and Millie, the goat, too!) sent a box full of lovely, lovely vintage items to me !

Since this is Hogmanay e'en and tomorrow will be the Sisterhood of the Goat's FIRST anniversary, this couldn't have arrived at a better time!

Here's what was inside:

A plush red hat-perfect for Valentine's Day!

This hat has a perfect angle for a Vic crown piece to go with my new Yule garb!
Just look at those pearls!

This red hat has some delicate lace net trim and a beautiful diamond accent!

Also, a lovely black vintage clutch with a diamond clasp!
I adore hats.....but vintage purses are a true find! 

And.......a most excellent vintage WEARABLE dress!
(That means I can wear it to work on days when they AREN'T expecting me to show up in garb!
Of course, I don't know how many days that really is.....they don't really notice any more.)  ;)


About a week ago, a very special little goat named Angel Baby and her Maa, Haggers,
gifted me with an ENORMOUS amount of vintage finds!
The box weighed in at 16 pounds!  I'm not kidding!  16 pounds!
AB and Haggers are new and special friends and it was gracious of them to remember my love
 of precious junque and to be so kind as to share!

The box has soooooo many things in it I haven't had a chance to properly sort through and do pics yet but, because AB was worried, I did rescue her Dead Mouse right away!
Can you find Angel Baby's Dead Mouse?

The box is chock full of fabric, jewelry, funny things, precious things...and love.

My humble thanks to these two wonderful friends.......
(and their goats!)
for not only gifting me with such beautiful things from the heart but also for
carrying me through this past year of joyously finding myself a Goat Sister!

Much love.......and a Happy New Year to you all!

ps.  Bet you can't wait to go through that box with me, eh?


Marigold said...

How wonderful! What nice ladies (and goats) and of course you deserve it all. :) Happy New Year!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

So lovely! Such a wonderful gesture from some fine folks! I think you will look ABsolutely FABulous in that garb! xoxoxoxo

Candy C. said...

Oh how FUN!! What beautiful treasures and what beautiful Goat Sisters!

Pricilla said...

Oh how wonderful for you. They will look maaaavelous on you when you wear them

Teresa said...

So glad that they got there safely! There's another dress that I absolutely loved but it was too big. Then I remembered that I'm not 14 anymore~it fits perfectly! I can hardly wait to go through Angel Baby and Hagger's box of goodies with you.

Millie said...

I wanted to send peanuts, but no...