Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Things I find and things I sew and junque that finds me!
Happy Yuletide garbing!
The Vics knew how to dress for Christmas, eh?

My new Yule chapeau

Edwardian boots from Victoria Trading Company
Coin purse found at a church rummage sale

Long cape gifted to me by one of my senior citizens.  It belonged to HER Mom!
Scarf, a vintage find
Capelet purchased at Dickens Festival
Muff by Fox

The whole package!
Found the lovely lace blouse at a thrift store.
Repurposed two skirts from thrift store
Lace cuffs from Victoria Trading Company
Was luck to find that Lizzie Borden "cheap silk" that has a low percent of cotton mixed
 with silk so makes it look quite old.

The perfect Regency jacket a la Austen!  Thrift shop find:  $3 (on 50% off day!)

Hat & Muff by Fox



Pricilla said...

You will be an lovely image of a time gone by

Anonymous said...

I love your garb. I remember days when I used to fancy old-fashioned clothes and shoes.

Teresa said...

I'm not really anonymous. I seem to be computer challenged today. :-)

Marigold said...

Okay, holding back the Goatmother again. You made a muff!!! How cool is that?! The Goatmother had one when she was a wee child made of rabbit fur with a little fake fox head on it. Oh, how she loved that muff. Silly people don't make them for adults anymore though. What's up with that? I, myself, have enough fur that I guess I don't need a muff. Besides, I suppose I'd have to have two - front and back. :)

Melodie said...

I love it but I an especially fond of the boots!

Candy C. said...

Lovely, lovely! I hope we get to see YOU in all your finery! I too like the boots very much!