Saturday, December 17, 2011


The Capra Blanket That Was:  A Year of Magical Wonder
by:  Mimi Foxmorton

Once upon a time, in a wee house, in a tiny kingdom, there lived a Girl.
It wasn't a large and grand house and the kingdom was quite small.
The Girl lived there with her faithful Dog and her snuggly Cat.
And all was quite peaceful.
And the Three were very happy.

One day, quite out of the violet sky, the Girl decided that Three would no longer quite do.

"We need a goat." the Girl said aloud one day to the faithful Dog and the snuggly Cat.

But the Dog and Cat just smiled and went back to napping and dreaming.
They had no idea exactly what a goat was but always trusted the Girl to work these thing out.

"Hmm." thought the Girl.  "But where to get a goat?"

The Villagers laughed.
"There she goes again." they said.  
"You can never get a goat!"

"We shall see." said the Girl.

And so, one day, on the Magical Wish of a friend who said,
"I wish for you a goat."
the Universe took heed and granted the Girl a boon, for that very day the Girl was
 sent to a Farmer who had goats!

Sometimes, if you have Faith, it's just that simple.

The goats were fun to play with, to be sure, but still, something was missing.
"I should like my own goat, please." said the Girl.
And again the Universe took heed and granted the Girl a boon.

One day the Farmer said,
 "There is a Magical Goat growing inside of another goat!  When it comes out it can be yours!"
(Ok.  Well, maybe the Farmer didn't say exactly that....but that's what the Girl heard.)

And so the Girl rushed home to wait.

And while she was waiting she thought.
"This Goat will need a blanket.  A very special and magical blanket.
A blanket worthy of a wondrous gypsy dancing Capra in the Yule moonlight!"

And so the Girl had Faith and petitioned kingdoms far and near for scraps of Fabric of Intent
 with which to make the blanket.

And the Universe took heed and granted the Girl a boon.

All at once, quite out of the violet sky, the Fabric of Intent began to arrive!

Big scraps, tiny scraps, shiny buttons and elegant tassels!
Fabric from Thither and fabric from Yon!

And lo' and behold, quite out of naught it seemed, the Sisterhood of the Goat was born!

And so was the Magical Goat.

And the Dog and the Cat smiled.

The Girl rushed to sew the scraps together and each time she joined a piece to another her fingertips tingled and she could feel the magic sent to her.

And so, in that way, the blanket was completed.

The day came for the Yule Ceremony in which the Magical Goat would wear the fine creation.
Some saw only a blanket on a goat but, there were Others, others who saw the Magic and you could tell by the sparkle in their eyes.

The moment came for the Lighting of the Tree Ceremony and the revelers went hand
 in hand to gather 'round the darkened Yule tree. 
 On cue, the chorus began to sing very softly the tune Silent Night.

"How could this be any better?" thought the Girl in wonder.

And the Universe took heed and granted the girl a boon.

And as the chorus sang, the Magical Goat did, too!

And it sounded like this:

Si-lent Night......
Holy Night......
All is calm.....
All is bright.........

And on to the finish of the song.  Ne'er missing a line.

As the song came to a close, Old St. Nick threw the switch and the tree blazed in all its magical glory!

The Villagers were amazed.
The music director said it was-Call & Response. 
The chorus couldn't believe that a goat just sang with them!

But the Girl did.
And she silently thanked the Universe.

"What's next?" the Villagers inquired.

And the Girl replied:
"A Magical Cow."

And the faithful Dog and the snuggly Cat smiled.

c. 2011 Mimi Foxmorton
The story you have just read is all true.  
The details are all within this blog.

Darla really did sing, exactly that way.
For reasons of her own I would imagine.
Call & Response is of tribal origination.  It's probably in her DNA.
Each line I kept holding my breath thinking it
was mere coincidence but she continued to the end,
standing with the teens in the choir and belting out
her Maa's like she'd done it a million times before. 

I cried. 

My favorite quote:  (from a teen choir member)  "A goat just sang with us!  That is the coolest thing that's ever happened!"

My sincere thanks to not only the Sisterhood of the Goat, who have given me such love, friendship and support unconditionally throughout the past year but to each and everyone of you who shared a scrap of fabric to make the Capra Blanket happen.  On January 1, 2011 when I began this blog it was with just a dream.  And here we are, 11 months later with so many friendships sewn together....much like the Capra blanket.

The Universe took heed.....and seemingly, out of the violet sky,  granted us a boon.



It is my intention to pack up the Capra Blanket with a journal and send her off into the world!
The Sisterhood will grow stronger as each adds to the journal and shares photos and stories.
It is my hope that the Capra Blanket will go on to have many tales to share with us and use her Magic as was bring Unity to our wee kingdom.

The original Sisters begin the list and it will go on from there.

If you would like to be on the list please private message me at
foxgoddess44 at yahoo  (I didn't put a link because of robots but you know what to do)

Again, my sincere gratitude to all who made the Capra Blanket happen.
Bright Blessings to you this Yuletide.  May your traditions be honored and respected
as your heart desires.  xox   ~M.

My favorite of the capra photos!

On the red carpet with the paparazzi!

Oh, my Darla.  Oh, my Darla.  Oh, my Darla clementine!

My friend who wished for me a goat.

That smile is the reson I do this.

Magic comes in all forms.


Teresa said...

And now you've made me cry. Truly goats are magical, and I've loved this sisterhood that started with your call to the Universe. Blessed be.

Millie said...

If only I could have been there to tap my horns to the rhythm of the song. :-) I keep telling people we goats are musical magical creatures!

InGothWeTruss said...

Yes indeed, I too did cry. Thank you Mimi for sharing this journey with us. Soo looking forward to seeing you and the Darling Darla again.
Much love, Miss G

Pricilla said...

Oh, how magical indeed. I am looking forward to modeling the coat. I just have to keep Abby away....

Marigold said...

And a Goatmother hundreds of miles away did cry too. Thank you for one of the best Christmas presents we could receive. We believe the 'girl' is quite magical as well. She has that knack to touch many hearts. Teresa said it well ... Blessed be, my friend.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

And now I'm crying again, too. :)

Long Live the Sisterhood!


IsobelleGoLightly said...

That was very beautiful. I too look forward to modeling the blanket and adding my words to your song. We are so lucky to have you as an inspiration and a friend. xoxoxoxoxo

Merlyn said...

Lovely indeed. I think I recognize a couple fabrics in in ;) And like t'was said on the A Team so many years ago...
"It's nice when a plan comes together" :)


Candy C. said...

You told the story so beautifully dear Mimi, I too have teary eyes! My favorite part of the video of the Yule tree lighting was when Darla was snitching cookies off the table! :)

Angel Baby said...

Missy MiMi~
Me loves you Mostest ~ You are Special MAGIC in my Heart!!

You have my heart Always!
Angel Baby

Sandy said...

You are just the embodiment of Magic, Fox! I thank you for reigniting that little fire in my magical soul, and for including me in the sisterhood. Blessed Be, my good friend!

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Wow, wow, wow. Oh wow. I missed this until just now because life has been getting in the way, but here it is, and so are the tears. The Universe is a wondrous and mysterious thing. She clearly isn't finished with the goat sisterhood yet! Hugs across the miles my friend! Blessed be!

Deborah Jean at Dandelion House said...

Oh my goodness! You and your wee goat are just magic! I love your fairy tale... hmmm can you see it as a children's picture book?

Thank you so much for sharing your magical kingdom Mimi!Keep the faith, who knows what next year will bring!
More goats?

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Thanks! :)
She really *is* a magical goat!

And oh, yes, please......I *could* see it as a fairytale book! If only.................
(*wish to the Universe*)

and Happy New Year!