Monday, January 17, 2011

Caprine Smile

Do You think my new sweater will leave tan lines?

Well, it is exceptionally freezing in this neck of the woods so it's back under the heat lamp for Miss Darla. She's so frail...I worry. And her eating and poopies have been out of whack for a bit though the day under the heat lamp appears to have rallied her. (She is lovin' that heat lamp!) And I really hate leaving her. Though tonight she ate well and was quite content and smiling her wee goat smile. And no wet poopies.

I don't care what anybody says....when I can have my own goats they're going to sleep in my bed.

'Till tomorrow everyone....

(ps. Just because I feel I have to say this...that's not poopie on's stained from as much as I could get off without a proper wash and getting her wet again. But tonight she was completely dry so I can deal with a little stain until
we're out of the woods.)


Millie said...

Even the best of us goat moms sometimes can't get bottoms clean. We like it when the human brings out a washcloth--so much better than our tongues. I hope Darla continues to do well for you.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Sending warm thoughts to Miss Darla. Heat lamps, and a bit of Goat Borrower love are great things in cold, cold climes.

Pricilla said...

Kringle slept under a heat lamp for quite a while. He loved it.

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Goaties who are bottle babies do tend to have sticky poops for a while. Even I had them. And I am a very beautiful goat and don't like to admit these things. But it's OK, they will go away in time.
xxx Lucky Nickel xxx

Sandy said...

Your little Darla-do looks just like a sweet stuffed animal. Snugle-icious.