Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Huzzah! and what a most excellent day!

I just returned to my desk to find the VERY FIRST ENVELOPE
in the Capra Project! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am!
And it came all the way from IA and....MILLIE and her Mom! :)
I know, right? MILLIE! (for those of you who haven't had the pleasure...Millie is a very lovely and very smart goat! See, she even signed with her hoof print!)

I've been excited from the start of this project a mere 11 days ago
but I don't think that I really understood, or sincerely thought it would work out, until I was actually holding in my hand the scrap of fabric from a person completely unknown to me yet who graciously thought to take the time to partake in a bit of my project dream. I will freely admit to the sting of several tears. ;)

The Capra Project is, indeed, an adventure into the creative world of fiber arts but it's also so much more. Unity...diversity....a celebration and coming together of our different stories as well as different natures. And, ultimately with the finished blanket, a celebration of tradition and rebirth with the dance of Capra.

My sincere thanks to Millie and her most excellent Mom for sending me a special part of your lucky goat world! You really made my day!

And to all of you considering...please feel welcome to join us!

Love and goat snuzzles,

ps. Millie-you little sneaker, you! You SAID a goat was going to knock on my door!

(You can read about the Capra Project by clicking on the wee goat at your right.)

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Millie said...

So glad it made it to you! Goat hugs to you!