Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Blessing

Darla and I are blogging to you from an undisclosed location. (*giggle*)
The weather here in CNY has threatened to drop to -15 degrees with wind chill and Farmer Lyle said it was time. And if Farmer Lyle is worried then it must be true.

I spent last night preparing and was armed with diapers, puppy pads, new sweaters, a winter coat for traveling, her milk, blankies, a big plastic bin for travel and a pop up tent for snuggly night time safety and Pepto Bismol and a syringe in case The Disaster strikes again.

She was so cute in the car in her little winter coat all snuggled in her box with her blankies. Just watching out the window and being good. It breaks my heart how good she is.

And so we arrived several hours ago. My faithful love hound, Yellow Dog, was incredibly excited...for about three minutes. Then he asked for his Frosty Paw and went back to the couch. Pooter cat had a bit more to say as it was her pop up tent...a tent she's refused to enter for the last seven years...but she's lost interest pretty quickly as well.

Panic struck in the first minutes as I realized the newborn diapers were WAY too small. (*insert many bad words here*) So back in the car we went under many blankets to make a quick trip to the drugstore for bigger diapers.

After getting a clean sweater, a good feeding, peeing and pooping all was going well but I have to tell you...diapers don't stay up very well. (*insert more bad words here*) I wanted to let her roam but an accident could create a situation I'm not prepared to deal with with my own animals. I could use a onesie right about now.

So fed, diapered with the back pinned to her sweater, snuzzled and happy off she went to her tent and was watching American Idol last I checked. No muss-no fuss...just like that!

I admit I'm concerned about returning her to the barn on Tuesday. She's doing so much better, gaining weight and feeding properly but I worry about the change. However, 15 below would have assured us of not having to worry about that so I'll take my chances. Still, I'm keeping the house cool and not creating an overly warm situation for her.

I wanted to post pics tonight but I haven't the wherewithal to take them at the moment. I'm trying to keep the house quiet, and the routine the same for my own guys. But I promise to get some up over the weekend.

So...pretty anti climatic, eh? She's such a wee good thing I can't help but wonder what's going on in her little mind but she's here now and safe and most of all warm so we'll go from there. Also, it's good that she's with me as Farmer wants her to be my goat so I'm guessing this cements the deal. Won't she be a storytelling beauty? And won't she have stories to tell when she gets back to the barn? I'll bet the other goats have no idea who Steven Tyler is! ;)

More to follow. Perhaps we'll just have a quiet, adventure less weekend all snowed in and snuzzly. You just never do know how your day will end.

Again all...thanks so much for caring.

Much love and goat snuzzles from all of us...

(Egads! It just occurred to me...I really AM a goat borrower! ;)


Peggy said...

The diapers work better if you put them on backwards. I learned the hard way. LOL For some reason they seem to stay on better

Anonymous said...

I've never used diapers--just confine to linoleum and follow around with Clorox wipes! You're a REAL goat mama!


Millie said...

Oh! Can Bambi and I come join you in your tent? That sounds so fun!

Pricilla said...

That sounds like one lucky goat!

Pat - Arkansas said...

WOW! I'm so glad Farmer let you take Darla to the undisclosed location. -15 is too cold for a sweet little critter!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Pat-Well, what had to be done is being done.
Of course I'll be returning a wee diva to
the barn. The other goats are going to
gossip! :)

Pricilla-And one lucky Maa! :)

Millie-We should all have a camp out and tell
spooky goat stories with flashlights
under our chins. Hey-there's a great
idea...goat camp! With peanut s'mores!

Teresa-Yeah, about the kitchen floor...we went
ice skating last night. I laughed but
Darla said it wasn't funny. Lucky Nickle
has an hysterical blog about flying
sticky poo and diapers! lol

Peggy-I love you! You are mu hero! I'm going
to try that next change! I'm lazy....
I want to learn the easy way! ;)

love you all!

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Yes, the "tabs" on the diaper should be coming up and over her back. If the diaper is the right size, it should be fairly secure. They only start to come off (in my experience) when the goats get really rambunctious and do huge leaps and leg kicks. Press the tabs against the clingy area really firmly. You can do it!! Send pictures!!

Also, don't worry about the change in temperature....they are remarkably adaptable. She'll go back to the barn with no problem.

Lucky Nickel says "Maaaaa-aaaa-aaake her take pictures!!"

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Gee... I think I will come and visit, but I won't wear a diaper! I will scamper all around your house! I'm with Lucky Nickel! Photos please!!!!

Sandy said...

Oh, you are one lucky goat borrower! I hope your sleepover goes well!