Monday, January 24, 2011



Hi all! Thanks for following me on this adventure! :)

I wanted to take a moment to address Pat's question about how will I ever return Miss Darla.

I'm actually anxious for her to return to the barn because living like this is not a great idea since she DOES have to return. If the barn were in my backyard and I could continue this it would be different but she lives on a farm...and all that that entails. I am, after all is said and done, only a goat borrower. And she is a goat.

This nasty weather afforded me an opportunity to learn so, so much and Farmer Lyle, who is a farmer for a living, has been most gracious to indulge a goat borrower like me. He's taken time from his chores to answer a million question and impart 50 plus years of goat wisdom.

Besides, this is only the very beginning for me and Darla!

I'm pretty sure this bonding experience seals the deal in our Maa-goat relationship.
A lucky accident as it were.

I will continue to feed her, care for her, visit her and love her. She'll be visiting pre-schools, nursing homes and events and all with her crazy storytelling Maa in costume. She'll wear the Capra Project blanket proudly and be a fine Yule goat.

And we'll both have a very magical and special relationship and many, many barn adventures to come!

And really, for a townhome dwelling goat lover, who could ask for anything more?

Love you all.......
I am so glad we've met........

ps. If you don't know about the CAPRA AND THE MAGICAL GOAT BLANKET PROJECT you can find it here in this blog. It's going quite nicely and people have been so kind. I'd really like to say you are all a piece of this project if you care to send a scrap of fabric.


Millie said...

I'm certain the two of you are destined for great things together! So glad we get to share in your story.

Peggy said...

Oh the stories you will be sharing! Wish you lived nearby as you would have your fill of goats to borrow. LOL Am sure Darla is telling all her friends about her wonderful time with you.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Well, she's not gone yet but I heard her on the phone last night calling the barn..........

Pricilla said...

She is a very lucky kid for sure.

Sarah said...

It is so fantastic you have had this wonderful experience together. I know she will be such a beautiful addition as a Yule Goat. You are both destined for great things together.

And she was only calling the barn to BRAG and go "neener neener neener" to the other goats who don't have such stylish outfits!