Sunday, January 16, 2011


Maa says I'm a diva in my beautiful new sweater!

I wanted to show you the pretty bow on my new sweater. Isn't it lovely?

This is me in my beautiful new sweater and my cousin New Bill.
We're the exact same age but he doesn't have a sweater! Ha!

A Note from the Goat Borrower:
This past two days has been such a whirlwind of happenings!
I hope to find time to set it all down at some point but for now
just a few pics of my Darlin' Darla! She's breakin' my heart!
Thanks for all your kind comments and good wishes!
It truly is a wonderful time for me!


Pat - Arkansas said...

She is just precious! Love her sweater!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Oh she's cute! She makes my lady want to get a baby goat! Hey! I told her that I'm trying to lay an egg so that she can have a baby goat but so far I haven't been successful. Humph.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Isobelle...if you lay an egg I want to be the first to know! :)
But goats are like that....if you see one you want one.......!

Millie said...

She is a beautiful little girl in her lovely sweater. I'm sure you're an excellent Maaa, and I bet she loves you bunches. Congratulations!

Peggy said...

Love your darling Darla! Am sure you will take excellent care of her and have many adventure stories to share. We are waiting for our goat babies to arrive. Have my sweaters and birthing kit all ready. Also have the baby monitor on in the goat stalls. I have raised baby goats in the house before when mom refused them and saw them grow up to be excellent moms themselves. One was even house trained and went to nursing homes to visit patients. She is retired now and living as a pet with a elderly lady and her son.

Sandy said...

What an adorable kiddle! I love new little baby goaties, and Miss Darla is a peach!

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Hi Darla! I am so excited to see a new goat blogger. I know you will gently but gradually begin to take over the blog, like I am doing with my lady's blog. Be patient with it. It is great that you have a nice lady to take care of you. That is what I had since the day I was born, which was when my real mom died. It is much better being a half-human goat because we get all the best treats and attention.
Love from Lucky Nickel

Pricilla said...

She looks lovely in purple.

You should head over to Texan's blog where you could win her a personalized goatcoat.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Oh my all just made me cry! :)
Though that wasn't so hard because this has been a really emotional two days for me. I can't believe that I'm so fortunate to be trusted by a farmer with his goats. It's been a rough two days as well. Learning the barn and bonding with the animals and knowing that some of them will go to 'market'....
I'm more of a pet person and treat my own lover of a lab and Siames cat as family. This has all been a bit overwhelming for me.
But nonetheless, Farmer Lyle is excited about my raising Darla to be our fairytale storytelling goat!
Millie-Thank you, luv. You were my first goat blogger friend! xo
Peggy-I am SO interested in what you say...I was of a mind that it wasn't in a goat's nature to be potty trained.......
Claire & Lucky Nickle-That is a beautiful story...and you're right. Miss Darla will have the best of both worlds if I have anything to say about it! :) I think the thing about my bringing her home was that I still had to work and Farmer felt it was too risky to keep transporting her in and out of the cold. She was found all flat out and alone and only had a 50-50 chance of making it. But he got her to rally and now we are being careful. She has two cousins born the same day to play with her!
Also....more babies are due in a week or two. 'Tis the Season!
Pricilla-Thank you sweetie! I'm just so proud of her I can't stop bragging! :)
And you know...I just left a comment on Texan's blog the other day saying I loved her coats but since I was a Borrower I wouldn't be needing one!
Funny ol' world, ain't it? :)

Thank you all so has been such a pleasure to have made so many goat friends so's a really, really nice feeling!
I look forward to meeting you all one day and sharing a snuzzle!

I'll be blogging about Darla's adventures as soon as she gives me time! ;)

All my goaty love.....